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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

2 Oc, 3 Xul, 3 Manik -- November 6, 2007

Selamat Balik! We arrive again with a message of importance concerning the secret goings-on in your world! Rejoice, dear Hearts! Many wonderful breakthroughs occurred in the past few days, which confirm that we are drawing quite close to the day for your long-awaited prosperity to show up at your door. This means that the many necessary preceding developments have indeed been as effective as predicted and are casting their weight on what is close to happening. These events are starting to embody the plans given to us by our Anunnaki consultants, and so we can say we are happy with the way things are going. But we need to ask you to continue your focus and to realize that all good things take time. However, know that events are accelerating, and we are most encouraged by what is happening on all fronts of this vast and complex undertaking. In light of this, we instructed all our on-planet personnel to push forward with their current procedures and to maintain the requisite security levels. The success of these measures gives us the confidence to inform you of the closeness of our joint triumph!

As these events approach, your integration into fully conscious Beings is also accelerating at an ever-swifter pace. Right now, Heaven is directing our medical teams to concentrate on connecting your major energy meridians to your physical central nervous system. This profusion of interconnections involves literally thousands of intersecting points within your physical body. Some of you may be experiencing particularly strong feelings of discomfort, or even areas of pain, in your body when you awaken during the night. These aches and twinges are part of what we are doing at night to hasten the completion of this vital task. What we are preparing your body for is the integration of the last few layers of your upper Lightbody with your physical body. This needs to get done as quickly as possible because Heaven is intent on bringing on line, albeit in a preliminary mode of operation, the two new chakras in your head capable of linking you up with the new forms of data that are now heavily streaming from the galactic core.

These two developments dovetail with the Earth watch we are engaged in. Mother Earth is also speeding up the preliminaries for rearranging her surface features. Various tectonic plates are slipping at a much more rapid rate. The more critically unstable plates, like the Pacific and the Asian, are having their plate subduction rate corrected. In this way, Mother Earth is adjusting her tectonic plates so that they will be able to lock together at a moment's notice. This increases the number of earthquakes where this operation intersects with land, and so a number of quakes are happening in areas where they are relatively commonplace. These shakings--due to a lowering of the Earth's magnetic field--climate changes, and subtle shifts in deep ocean currents are to continue in some degree of heightened intensity until the present period of instability is fully alleviated. Then, once first contact has happened, Mother Earth can finish the wholesale surface reconfiguration she has in mind.

The many interlocking processes we describe come together here to form the big picture. To us, first contact is quite a complex operation. Another aspect is the ongoing process of transforming the way your global society operates. We are amazed at the way our Earth allies and you are solving this very unusual puzzle. As the degree of chaos increases, so also do the opportunities for major change. You are currently experiencing a huge upward spiral of change that is to forge a new reality and institute a new, more discerning level of consciousness. Every day, we witness this process in full-throttle operation: We watch as your old guard, or dark cabal, struggles in vain to keep the lid on the society it has so long controlled. At the same time, we watch the birthing of a new group on the verge of power that realizes that new and drastic solutions are desperately needed. Resolving this clash will bring in the divine interregnum we often talk about, and this, in turn, leads to first contact.

This movement in global awareness is punctuated by some very serious attempts on the part of this dark cabal to "emphasize" its control. The many wars, sporadic economic downturns, and socio-religious clashes are a last stab at making the old ways work. As you can see, these strategies are reaching their limits. Across the globe an immense amount of unprecedented cooperation is counteracting the effectiveness of these traditional, repressive methods of mass control. Further, humanity is learning to adopt small-scale economics that bring people and nations together. These grass-roots projects are gaining ground and redefining the way a society perceives itself. The next, splashier steps are to be taken by our Earth allies. Until then these small yet effectual initiatives are teaching local and rural areas how to develop themselves; they also demonstrate to the peoples of Asia, Africa, and the Americas what a powerful tool properly applied cooperation can be.

This burgeoning economic cooperation has led to a degree of social cooperation that is changing the so-called developing world. It is also stimulating growing networks of people-to-people (as opposed to intergovernmental) exchanges between the developed and the developing worlds. These exchanges are showing that these mushrooming networks can become valid vehicles for positive change. Humanitarian groups are presently combining the social and the economic aspects in novel and effective ways. These globally oriented projects form the core of a swelling grass-roots movement that is also affecting Europe and beginning to make inroads into North America. This greatly encourages our Earth allies and us because this micro-movement has many implications for what is to happen soon on a much, much larger scale.

The large-scale changes included in the programs of our Earth allies are getting close to happening. These programs need the small start-ups we just mentioned. Everywhere, it is being shown that human society is deeply invested in a new set of values. The repressive controls of the dark cabal are rapidly losing their hold. Humans deeply desire to prosper, and to do so in a more cooperative milieu. We stress this for two reasons: First, the ambitious programs about to be put into play need this change of focus in order to take root. Second, your world has only a short time left before a more violent push for change, on the part of the dispossessed underclasses around the globe, literally explodes on the scene. Our Earth allies know this and are determined to circumvent this violence by creating conditions that lead to a glorious era of peace and prosperity.

You stand on the brink of many dramatic new perspectives that will quickly become normal to you. Our intent is to make it possible for the events preceding first contact to be greatly accelerated. This is also a stipulation of the divine plan. Our objective is to weave your desires and ours into a unique tapestry that encourages a swift cleansing of your world's dark natures. Then the goals of the interim governments can pave the way for first contact. We are well aware that the present state of your societies, despite the encouraging growth of the more cooperative grass-roots movement, is unequal to the event of first contact. It is therefore our assigned task to do all that is divinely possible to ensure first contact. Come what may, we are destined to come among you as part of a divinely decreed reunion!

Today, we talked about a few of the elements leading to first contact. We remain fully confident that the path we are both on is taking us to that most magical of moments. We ask you to remain focused and ready to do whatever facilitates first contact. We know that this grand celebration is not far off! We now retire. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)


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