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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

9 Caban, 10 Xul, 3 Manik --- November 13, 2007

Selamat Balik! We come again, dear Ones, with more to discuss with you. As you well know by now, your last dark cabal remains intent on doing all it can to maintain the status quo, and against these odds our Earth allies, too, continue to unfold our joint game plan. Much is happening behind the chaos that is presented for public consumption on your national nightly news casts. The rising turmoil in many parts of your world is a smoke-and-mirrors act that hides the fact that these obdurate ones are rapidly losing control of things. The time thus approaches, equally rapidly, when their legal drubbing from power can finally take place! Our plans are wholly geared toward this goal, but remember that our ruse here is to make these malefactors believe that their stratagems can indeed keep them in power. This means that we can act openly only once the breaking point in this confrontation is reached. Then it becomes possible to use our growing worldwide leverage to bring their 13-millennia-long span of power to a timely and just conclusion.

As we keep reiterating, absolute secrecy concerning these operations is paramount. The degree of stealth required is often daunting because so much has to be carried out that simultaneously must appear on the surface to be accomplishing the opposite. This sleight of hand is the only currently known way to succeed when dealing with this cabal. It maneuvers in such a way as to make its true dark intentions appear in public to have a worthy goal. These duplicitous machinations were standard operating procedure for this cabal's former dark off-world masters, and a proven technique for keeping control of the masses. This is why our Anunnaki consultants can advise us with some accuracy on how to anticipate the treacherous moves of this cabal; in fact, we can clearly see our advisors' former dark philosophy mirrored in this cabals' current beliefs. This opportunity to observe how the dark operates in your realm is not only most enlightening, it also allows us to sense how this current scenario is to be played out. It also shows us just how far you have come as a people and just how close you are to your deliverance from the dark ones.

The first wave of your liberation is to break you free from the series of global institutions that were created by the rise of the modern nation state. These states were set up under an extension of Roman, or statute, law, which evolved from the legitimacy of the Holy Roman Empire and the "divine rule" of the Papacy. By the time of the late Renaissance, this form of legality was the keystone for the creation of nations on your globe. This instituted the strict codes of Lex Romana (Roman Law) as the prima facie law of all states, and it was only the rise of a democratic philosophy of law in the 16th and 17th centuries that gave humanity a way out of this Anunnaki-made predicament. The solution grew out of the equal status that "common law" was accorded with the Lex Romana, yet the covert contention between these two concepts continues to this day. What your global liberators want is to banish the lingering miasma of the Lex Romana from the liberties and personal sovereignty of humanity. This starts a process of deliverance which will end nearly 130 centuries of distortions, fabrications, and manipulation by the dark.

The process of realigning the legal foundation of national sovereignty permits humanity to take on its own personal sovereignty and to enlarge the premise for its liberation from the global legal system that has long considered humanity to be mere chattel. Achieving this goal brings you closer to the formal declaration of our presence and to the release of much technology long hidden from you. These substantial advances can reform your worldwide society and prepare you to learn about your true origins and history, and about the many ancient civilizations whose existence has long been denied by the orthodoxy of your archeological and related sciences. This vast amount of knowledge is only the beginning of what we intend to share with you. Here it is important to note that the return of your personal sovereignty and the large numbers of public disclosures about many things are an essential part of the foundation needed for first contact. The process set up by the Divine is like the waves of an incoming tide which peak with the event of first contact.

Your return to full consciousness lies at the heart of what we are divinely instructed to do. We have watched you for millennia and have been limited in our interactions with you by the edicts of Heaven. These divine decrees told us how far to go in assisting you and what was possible at any given time. Heaven's recent clarion-call to more forward with a first contact mission altered our responsibilities toward you. Suddenly, our efforts to expand our interactions with you developed into a full-blown first contact mission. At first, the mission was somewhat reined in by what Heaven was doing to ready you for this incredible experience. Now, however, the brakes are off, and we are moving forward on all fronts to set the stage for our arrival. This brought us into contact with a select number of you from all levels of your global societies. We call these our Earth allies.

These groups of Earth humans are dedicated to saving your planet from the line- up of ever-worsening predicaments planned with avarice and cold-blooded ambition by your dark cabals, especially during the last 400 years. The Earth humanitarians regard first contact as a means to accelerate the many cures needed to transform a fragmented global population into a collective ready to accept the profound challenges posed by a sudden rise in global consciousness. These noble aims put them in stark opposition to the way this planet is being run and require outstanding resolve in order to effect transformation on such a scale of all the core perceptions of humanity--a truly monumental task! Faced with such odds, they came quickly to regard our assistance as a most welcome addition to the course they had decided to pursue.

Decades ago, our Earth allies had put together plans to begin a general prosperity and debt forgiveness program for humanity. Being in many cases the children of one of the more caring of the illuminoid groups, these wealthy and powerful individuals decided to work secretly to transform global society. In the course of this pursuit, they came across some of our fleet personnel who were assigned to live on your world to observe you at first hand. These early meetings in the immediate post-WW II era established a system of contact between us and eventually led to an informal manifesto between what we now call our Earth allies and us. We asked our on-planet liaisons to keep up this interaction and to counsel them on certain matters. By the late 1980s, a good rapport was in effect. Then in the early 1990s, we informed them of the divinely decreed first contact mission.

The present circumstances arise out of our history with each other. A harmonious working relationship now exists that is leading your world toward a day of triumph over the dark. The particulars of our plans must stay secret for now, but know that we are pleased with what is happening. As always, these things have a great deal of divine timing in them, and we constantly defer to this component in our talks with both your governments and with our on-planet friends. It is our heartfelt intention to greet you all shortly and celebrate our joint victory. At that time, we can finally reveal who these courageous individuals are, and the identity of some of them is bound to surprise you! We are most grateful for what they are doing and for what they have pledged to do in the near future. Remember, Together, We are indeed Victorious!

Today, we continued to discuss the events that are preparing to spring upon your world. We thank all of you for your ever-gracious support of our Earth allies and of this first contact mission. It is not easy to hold the Light and Love for an event that has taken a good deal of time to get ready. And we close by thanking you again for your wonderful, generous support. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)


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