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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

10 Batz, 4 Yaxk'in, 3 Manik -- November 27, 2007

Selamat Jarin! We come again at the start of this holiday season to greet you and give you some fine news! As you know, a long, drawn-out showdown is being played out by our Earth allies and your last dark cabal. This scenario is starting to reach its expected finale. Thus, it is not inconceivable that your prosperity funds can pay out before Christmas. This operation then legally ousts the US regime from power, begins a series of important announcements about the end of your global society's debt crisis, and ushers in a new era of worldwide peace and prosperity. These broadcasts will talk about the new banking system and new currency, and introduce a whole range of much-to-be-welcomed new technologies. These events set the stage, after a few months, for our existence to be proclaimed by the new governments. We look forward to a very preliminary interaction with you before the actual first-contact landings take place. During the interregnum, you are to be given the time to make a good accounting of yourselves and set up the conditions needed for our arrival.

As we look at your global conditions we see proliferating crises on all fronts feeding a mounting global chaos. This societal disintegration fuels the danger of a new arms race that would leave the cold war in the dust! These situations are unacceptable to our Earth allies and, especially, to us. We are fully aware of the grotesque plots that your last dark cabal has in the pipeline. This cabal's corporate allies have spread a veritable ocean of money around the world to foment what you see on your nightly newscasts and read in your morning papers. Their intention is to coalesce new ominous alliances whose sole purpose is to stoke the fear and manipulation that has kept the dark in power for many millennia. But as you can begin to see, this plan is crumbling around them as many forces, fully dedicated to peace and global cooperation, come together in a concerted opposition to these unholy maneuvers. These cries for peace and spiritual wholeness have not gone unanswered by Heaven or by us. This groundswell yearning for peace is the foundation for what is shortly to occur.

Everywhere on your globe, some form of misery, hate, or violence is exacting its toll on Earth's humanity. On top of that a constant assault on Mother Earth by the dark's minions continues. Your society is bleeding and calling out in unison for heavenly relief, and the dangers posed by the last vestiges of the nuclear age also weigh heavily upon our Earth allies. They know that what they are accomplishing must, on the one hand, fly under the radar of the dark's stratagems, and on the other, also assure us of the cabal's ultimate demise. This daring game plan is allowing the energy build-up that will backfire on the dark! Bear in mind that a natural process for global change is underway, and the first fruits of this strategy are nearly ready to manifest. We want you to know the gist of what is happening so you can know what to expect, in general terms. Dealing with these groups of miscreants is quite challenging: you need to play to their egos and to their strongly held belief in their omnipotence. This conceit often leads them, unwittingly, to let some small thing manifest--useful to us--which they believe will serve their power base: a sort of mini Trojan horse.

While this face-off plays itself out, we have examined with our Earth allies the continuing plunder of your planet. The constant raping of Mother Earth has your home world in a very bad way. Happily, the rise in consciousness among you has created groups of humans around the world who are dedicated to using their healing energies to aid the planet. This is graciously accepted by her and we want you to know how much this is appreciated. Mother Earth fully understands your predicaments and wants you to know that her suffering, and yours, is nearly over. This period is merely a giant hiccup in your history. Soon you are to welcome in the grand changes promised to you. Your world is arriving at a point where a much-needed shift in the timeline is to happen. This shift permits you to acknowledge our existence and to prepare yourselves for first contact and full consciousness. This peaceful route to the stars is your only true destiny!

Our Earth allies have told us that they need a period of a few months before the mass landings in which to ready you for our arrival. The immensity of what we represent needs to be eased into your consciousness. Accordingly, we came up with a plan to gently increase our exposure to you. We are to start a series of uncloaked daytime flybys, at a time and place that would be announced by your governments. Concurrently, a sequence of formal hearings in a number of major countries will transform the UFO cover-up into an IFO disclosure. The feeling is that this time period, along with the unveiling of now-hidden technologies, will be enough to ease the present potential for panic. The aim is to transform people's fear into healthy curiosity about us and excited anticipation for our arrival. We agree that this proposal makes sense, and in the near future we can give you more details about how this is to be done.

The growing cooperation between our Earth allies and the first contact mission is quite encouraging. We are now witnessing this period of mounting planetary discord actually starts to transform into one of cooperation and harmony. As we stated above, the finale of this seemingly interminable process is approaching, and with it the succession of broadcasts that will take you into the interregnum. The first ones will impart essential and, for many people, "unthinkable" truths via the mainstream media. Then, a great deal of inquiry, analysis, and examination by various pundits is to follow. The airwaves and the Internet are expected to be choked with opinions about what is happening. Here, let the actions of our Earth allies speak for themselves. What is about to happen is unprecedented! And previous experience and conventional wisdom are unlikely to be applicable!

This coming period in your history is to be the watershed that ends 13 millennia of confusion and futility. Across the planet a still largely unknown force is gathering momentum. At the same time our first contact mission is getting ready to enter the next and most exciting part of this complex operation. It is always satisfying to see what you are doing reach a point where success is assured. The fact that we have moved to the very brink of victory is a sure sign that the decrees of Heaven are having the desired effect. Your dark cabal is not yet defeated, but the means to do so is reaching critical mass. We ask that you keep your focus and let the timings of the divine plan reveal their efficacy. A great transformation of your life is almost upon you, and it is important that you just let it play out as the Divine so wishes.

Understanding how the Divine works is often confusing and frustrating to the impatient. Being confident and willing to accept the way of Heaven is something you grow into as you learn to center yourself and tune in to the energies of Creation. This is a skill that most of you lost through no fault of your own. On top of that, this reality of yours is bent upon keeping you off-center and focused on short-term gratification. However, you are reacquiring your ancient skills as your grow in awareness by absorbing the wisdom gleaned from your current path to enlightenment. Our task is merely to remind you, when necessary, of the great potential that you are opening up, not only for yourself but also for all humanity. Therefore, be in joy, be patient, and focus on your most heart-felt goals. Remember, Together, We are indeed Victorious!

Today, we reviewed the progress being made in some of our joint undertakings and we rejoice at what is drawing closer for you and for us. Be confident in your victory and gracious in your triumphs. Never forget that the little spark of divine Love and Light is in all of us! We now retire. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)


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