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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

4 Etznab, 11 Yaxk'in, 3 Manik -- December 4, 2007

Greetings! We come before you again to tell you more about what is happening on your world as well as more about first contact. Presently, your last dark cabal is continuing along on its merry path toward its fated doom. Their actions remain those of an arrogant group whose power seems omnipotent. In actuality, this power is draining from them as the power of our Earth allies increases. The current scenario is still in effect and the moment of its coming triumph draws nearer with each passing day. Our aspect of this operation is simply to watch, advise our allies and prepare for the immediate, and scheduled preliminaries to our first contact with you. In this regard, we have made it a general procedure to debrief fully all personnel when they return from their on-planet missions. Some of these have lasted for as long twenty to thirty years. In their more detailed sets of debriefings, these individuals have expressed their educated opinions about how well the peoples of Mother Earth have progressed since these at first quite limited operations were begun many millennia ago.

Their information highlights the great of progress that your world has made since the rise of your present reality some seven millennia ago. Even though the Anunnaki worked deviously and quite diligently at their tasks, humanity remembered ever dimly its glorious past. Your various off-world and on-world masters could not drum these "legends and myths" out of you. We are grateful for this. These stories form the basis for your future remembering of the truth about your origins. These truths are to be revealed along with the new technologies and other pertinent "secrets" by your new interim governments. These announcements as a whole are to open up possibilities for you that were long denied you by the dark. We fully expect that a tremendous flourishing of creativity and indeed all forms of wisdom can then flow from you. This leap in your manifested abilities are to signal to all that the world you have long known is no more. Moreover, this growth in consciousness establishes that your long galactic quarantine is over at last.

In this rising new world of endless possibilities, our arrival can be seen for what it really is, the act that propels you into the environment that completes your journey back into full consciousness. This divine scenario is now working itself out around you. It is doing so in small starts and little steps that en mass herald the transforming of your present world into the one we have just described. As you look back and then forward at the myriad of steps involved globally, you have to be astounded at both its simplicity and its amazing interlocking complexity. Each part regardless of its seeming isolation from each other is in fact connected to all that has gone before it or is presently going on throughout your globe. This interconnectivity is due to two major things. First, there is the rise of the Internet. A great stream of words and images now connects every part of your globe both electronically and consciously. This has spawned movements for political, social and economic betterment that for the first time in your recorded history are connected together in their words and in their deeds.

The second is the rise of a new consciousness that globally is now permitting your world population to think in wholly new ways. These perceptions revolve around not just increasing a region's living standard, but also going beyond this since it is about the quality of your spiritual life. This second reason has bumped heavily up against the percepts of organized religion. These philosophies have spouted dogmas that are getting less and less popular with many. This rising tide of humanity is seeking new answers for the new realities currently engulfing them. The consequences of this new way of looking at the world and the cosmos are that new, more spiritually satisfying beliefs have begun to "pop up". These are quickly starting to become easily transferred to the workings of this reality and how best to resolve some of this world's most pressing problems. It is the quite nascent aspect of this movement, which birthed what we call our Earth allies. Presently, this is forging Beings who will make the next steps a glowing success.

To us, your world is in the midst of a great change brought on by the excesses of the last hundred years. In making this great technological leap from the age of steel and steam to the age of electricity and computers, the present reality forged the situations that seal its doom. The new technology is ultimately about consciousness and decentralization. These are incompatible with the old ideas of a ruling hierarchy and the great tyranny that arose out of the earlier industrial age. Each step forges a new type of technology and a different mass mindset. This mass mindset is a spiraling up of mass education and the opening of a growing Niagara of knowledge. This makes the tyranny of the older beliefs less acceptable. In its stead like it or not a new set of desires come into play. The chaos you are living though is a result of this. The only possible outcome is a unifying of your world under terms completely unacceptable to the precepts of the old.

This new world is of course to be noted for the great degree of peace and cooperation. Many regimes that now seem powerful and permanent can quickly be deposed or radically altered under the pressure of massive public decent. An example one can call to mind is the rapid fall of the communist states of Eastern Europe including the dispersing of the once vastly powerful Soviet Union. This example from the late 1980s and early 1990s is an excellent one for what is shortly to happen. In America as well as in various other spots of this globe a great dissonance is rising to the conventional wisdom of past. This rising opposition to the policies of government is an important aspect of what is getting close to occurring. Your world has reached a point where either it alters its ways or else face a series of quite dreadful consequences.

This "touch point for survival" is at the very crux of what is happening on your world. Indeed, it has been building for well over a century. The current environmental crisis is an apt metaphor for what we are discussing. Your world is in the midst of the greatest extinction cycle since the great deaths of the late Permian. This is occurring as a bold portent by Heaven to show humanity that you have strayed far from your original intended purposes and a time has come for you to not only rectify this, but also to rectify your current state of consciousness. The acknowledging of each leads you to the solution of your current dilemmas. We have watched this develop over the past half millennium and reach its current crescendo in the last half-decade. The time has come in this remaining part of this decade to do those positive things that really matter.

These things involve the use of the growing power of our Earth allies. The last dark cabal is reeling at what is secretly happening on your world. An enormous shift in power is occurring in stages. We are now in the last stages of this unprecedented shift. When this finally announced, the reporters of the old ways can only be greatly shocked by what has happened. This time of shock gives the new media a change to bold to the forefront and reshape how the world reviews what has occurred. Moreover those announcing these changes fully intend to help in this reshaping process. The outcome is to be as dramatic as 9/11. Only this time, it will shift the globe into a spiritual frame not to be broken by the later illegal escapades of a rogue regime. The time for the birth of a new reality will finally arrive!

Today, we have touched further on what is occurring on your world! The time for a great shift in your present reality approaches. Likewise, the moment for first contact draws nearer with each day. These things show us how Heaven and the divine plan are working with ease and grace to bring prosperity and divine Blessings to all! We now retire. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)


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