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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

11 Chicchan, 18 Yaxk'in, 3 Manik

Selamat Balik! We are here to assure you that a great many wonderful things are quite near to manifesting! Our Earth allies have worked diligently to prepare a suitable festive present for you. This operation has taken much longer than we would have liked; yet, things have advanced and are close to resolution. What remains now is for a series of events to roll out that will permit your prosperity funds to be widely released and for the present US regime to crumble appropriately into the infamous dustbins of history. This precipitates a whole range of bombshell changes that will forever transform the nature of your world. The current US regime is the last in a series of administrations that have severely restricted what the American people are truly capable of. The illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan represent a very negative and aggressive foreign policy that has understandably cast America's true nature in a most unfavorable light. The coming American caretaker regime needs to set the stage for a readily seen about-face in policy, thus reversing these adverse worldwide opinions.

Globally, the monetary policies of the last dark cabal have thrown a pall over all international movement of monies. This, and the need to adjust the present banking rules make it imperative that those new agreements already in force in much of the world extend to all domestic banking in America. This need is now being negotiated and a means to do so is about to be implemented. However, this is a mere fraction of what is urgently needed. Above all the greatly corrupted and hijacked US political system must be replaced. We watch what is happening in America and are appalled at what is now passed off as a "democratic political system." Indeed, the bulk of the US political system is nothing more than an adjunct of Corporate America and is something that the coming "quiet global revolution" intends to redress fully. The grand domestic coalition that America put together to fight World War II proved to be her undoing sixty or so years on. It must now be put aside and a more attuned group put into positions of power.

This pressing need for reform extends to most of the political systems of your world. The primitive nature of your nation states is in stark contrast to those societies on the worlds that we have previously chosen for first contact. This is why we so applaud the motives and courage of our Earth allies as your planetary society lacks the degree of sophistication required of governments normally considered for first contact. Their shrewdness, skill, plain common sense, and above all their long-term dedication has resulted in this remarkable accomplishment. We have spent a great deal of time tutoring them in what is required to succeed in this all-but-overwhelming task. Their absorption rate and capacity for action have recently improved immensely, implying that the grand intentions and formal decrees of Heaven are indeed in good hands. You, as a people, possess enormous potential, and this is becoming apparent in the series of meetings we have had with our Earth allies. Mentoring them is turning out to be a joy. And yet we know how much more needs to be done in the short time given to us by the Divine.

We have found that our dual role of mentor and advisor needs to be handled separately. We have assigned carefully selected teams to carry out each vital role. Mentoring is a learning process: It requires Love, patience, and an ability to praise or gently chide. Advising is very different: The full and accurate particulars of an issue are laid out, and the individual or group in question allowed to draw their own conclusions. The task of mentoring has a definite duration, while that of advisor is open-ended, relying on a more spontaneous exchange when the conferee asks for help. Our intent is to fulfill both roles conscientiously. A prerequisite of both these undertakings is your full consent, as we have no desire to impose on you. Our purpose is to assist and to make those contributions that can procure our joint success. Your growth in these vital areas is the result that we deeply wish to attain.

Fulfilling these roles has helped us get to know you better. Our Earth allies are very dedicated individuals who operate in a number of different environments. Some have the freedom to plan each day in a very detailed way. Others are quite restricted by their circumstances and have to play each moment intuitively. Thus our teams have had to work around these conditions in order to carry out their assignments. We are pleased with the results of our interactions; much good work and a mountain of knowledge have passed between us. We know exactly what these individuals need to do in order to ensure our joint success. Also, adapting our mentoring and advisory protocols to their various operational milieus has taught us even more about daily life on your world. We can tell you that progress is indeed being made, including a free and open exchange of ideas that now flows freely between us. The concept of fluid group dynamics is truly in effect!

Our medical teams and those assigned to live among you have lately taken on a more active feedback role. The increased information allows us to take what our Earth allies have told us and to apply it to our work. We are happy with the initial results. A sort of patchwork pilot project is underway, and we are swiftly evaluating the new data with the intention of carrying out a much broader operation in the very near future. Your growing awareness is a joy to us. Heaven assures us that this is only the tip of the iceberg where your rapidly expanding consciousness is concerned! The events planned by our Earth allies and us are falling into place, and the outcome that Heaven desires appears to be taking shape. The adventure that is your great transformation begins with the deliveries and the many changes to follow!

Your growth in awareness and becoming a fully conscious Being is what this first contact is all about. We are here to empower you and help you stay on track, using the approaches mentioned above. As we watch and carry out our various tasks, we learn what is needed to complete this mission. The plan currently underway is working most effectively and is moving you to the very brink of first contact. We are, in effect, watching you succeed! The last cabal feels this and knows that their stratagems cannot now be brought to fruition. On the other hand our Earth allies sense that their victory is very near. The time remaining in this Gregorian year can well be the moment for your great breakthrough. Thus it is important to be in a festive spirit, be focused and ready to receive your prosperity!

Your role in this joint undertaking is something we continually refer to: namely, to stay upbeat and prepared to implement what you dream of doing. Your reality is wobbling and is ripe for change. Mother Earth is also more than ready to begin those surface changes that will transform her into her former pristine self. Although the rising chaos may seem to you to be an ill omen, remember the old adage: The darkest hour comes just before dawn! And so it is that the strife-filled tumult that shrouds your beautiful planet cloaks a great Light that is about to burst through all around you! A Light that heralds the coming of events that is to shatter the conventional wisdoms of your age. We assure you, once more, that these events are divinely inevitable! Remember that Together, We are indeed Victorious!

Today we reviewed what is happening on your world. A series of wonderfully clever strategies are underway and are reaching a turning point. This turning point will be complete when the prosperity deliveries come off as planned. Be one! Be at peace! Above all, never lose faith and know that the Divine is with you! We now retire. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)


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