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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

13 Ben, 6 Chen, 3 Manik --- January 8, 2007

Selamat Balik! We come before you again with more to discuss with you! As we speak, the final pieces of a vast and complex puzzle are being put into place. These final parts are proving to be the most complex and yet, in other ways, are quite easy. This whole undertaking has been a very mixed bag. You, as a people, are under an ever-increasing global level of stress, as your last cabal's mounting chaos plays out like a medley of tunes, both blaring and melancholy. The dark ones hope that these tragic themes will fix the torments that threaten their very existence. But your suffering, dear Children, is close to an end! Our Earth allies are skillfully completing the tying of the hangman's noose that will change your reality and give you the opportunity to taste the wonders of freedom and the joy of true sovereignty. All that remains to be done are those matters that complete the legalities of this operation and the setting-up of the governing bodies scheduled to replace the present ones. These tasks are nearly done, and with proper circumstances, a series of much-anticipated broadcasts can finally be made.

Those civil servants and their many governmental allies are setting in motion the technicalities that need attending to before this new caretaker government is announced. This requires a broad-based and highly detailed, covert diplomacy, and this is now well in hand. These particulars cannot be done in a vacuum. Your world is an intricate and highly interconnected organism, and formally changing its overall direction has meant years of laborious, labyrinthine, and often mundane work. It is these seemingly unending legalities that have frequently stalled proceedings. It is not easy to navigate such dark and treacherous waters, but those-in-the-know charted a most judicious and successful course, and now that our Earth allies have got us all safely to the end of this arduous voyage, all that remains is to wade though a short patch of mire that the dark ones have managed to create. This final obstruction contains the solution that will bring us all the victory we long for and ever closer to first contact with you all.

Accomplishing first contact with your planet has proven to be almost unique in our annals. Each of us has been well tested by this mission. Even those especially acclimated to living among you found this to be a most intensive experience. Your diverse cultures and interwoven economies are most interesting to all who partake of this adventure. Your world is rapidly changing, and yet in many rural areas of your planet, our researchers have encountered a very varied range of responses to the changes, some enchanting and some saddening. On some occasions challenges to the traditional ways were partially overcome, and on others, serious conflicts over these issues erupted. Watching all this has stoked our emotions about you and sparked discussions about how best to carry out our initial post-first-contact meetings with you. We are looking forward to our meetings with you; there is much that needs to be brought out into the open on your part. Your frustrations and struggles need proper redress. Our intent is to do this and then use this as a basis for what comes next: namely, mentoring and guiding you regarding your innate abilities.

Your children have come here to be a foundation for transformation because your world needs a great deal of psychic "grounding." In other words, what Heaven is so graciously offering you needs to be deeply understood and "lived." Every day, Heaven is bombarding you with energies that are causing you to blossom and making you more consciously aware of your new reality. This is the process that needs "grounding," and it is the special task taken on by your children. They are using their abilities to joyously bless you and to ring in the new melodious vibrations that can manifest this new reality. This swelling base-note is awakening more and more of you, and you are connecting with each other on many spiritual levels. These interactions make the coming of this new reality inevitable. Thus the crystal and indigo children are moving you toward your common goal with Love and by means of the Light! This momentum is being helped along by another heavenly factor:

Besides our specially trained Galactic Federation personnel, a great number of Ascended Masters are among you, sent by the councils of the great brotherhoods and great sisterhoods of Light. These emissaries are indeed blessed ones and have mostly remained anonymous. Their mission is to mentor and assist those who are awakening, or who intend to awaken. They do this by connecting with you psychically and helping you to overcome your initial misgivings. Heaven knows that your inculcated misperceptions can make this transition in awareness an uneasy experience. You require inner support, and these Ascended Masters often fill this need. They can connect directly with your Angelic Councils and provide the bridges needed to move you forward in your inner growth. They also often appear in the flesh as that special encounter that gives you the courage to manifest your convictions.

These groups of Beings are catalysts for the process of your regaining your true selves. In this advanced mode you can do your part to unfold Creation and enable the purpose of this Creation to be revealed. This work is ongoing even as we speak. Locking in what has already been spiritually manifested is the underlying reason for the measures we just mentioned. It is comforting to know in your heart that this operation is global in scope. The Holy Spirit of the Creator is infinite in its Love for you and in its intention to provide for you. The many components of this plan, spiritual and physical, are intended to give you the resources to enable you to return to your natural state of full consciousness. First contact forms only one of the final aspects of this sacred plan.

First contact is one of the tools used by the Divine to return you to full consciousness. In this context first contact becomes part of a sacred compact between physicality, Heaven, and you. This comprehension of our mission has become clearer to us as we observe you. Heaven's holy objective is the manifesting of Lord Surea's divine decrees. This makes possible a whole and new reality, for you as well as your solar system. Your dark cabal and its governmental minions have covered up most of what is happening "out there." This entire solar system is in the midst of a great change that is a harbinger of a new "life zone," extending from Venus to the Asteroid Belt (the future planet Bellona). In this new solar system a new consciousness will be born and will blossom. The potential in all this is without limit!

This operation for consciousness transformation is quite superb! You are being gifted by Heaven and are being permitted to leap ahead of the normal divine pattern. The galactic councils, nearly eight million of your solar years ago, gave our human ancestors this same dispensation. The reason for this was to accelerate the return of a land guardian to the sacred galactic seed-world known to you as Earth. Accordingly, first contact is our contribution toward fulfilling this sacred duty and transforming the long quarantine of your world into something blessed: the return of you and this solar system into the great star nation it once was. This prospect truly gladdens our hearts and makes the coming celebrations greatly anticipated! To this end, we pledge to make first contact a truly worthy and grand occasion!

Today, we briefly reviewed some of the processes taking place around your planet and throughout the solar system. Rejoice! For first contact draws closer with each and every day! The ensuing revels are to be jubilant and absolutely magnificent! We now retire. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)


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