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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

7 Ahau, 13 Chen, 3 Manik ---- January 15, 2008

Selamat Balik! We come before you with more to discuss. Our Earth allies continue diligently in their work to manifest your prosperity programs. In the meantime, those in charge of transforming your governments are equally focused, and the governmental changes are now in place. This resulted in a little skirmish, proving that this path cannot now so easily be diverted. It is quite a challenge to forge a new banking system and vastly reorder the distribution of wealth on your world. Nonetheless, it is being done. Our Earth allies are following a course that is bringing the dark and its many allies to their knees. The combined urgency of the many global physical crises is a ploy by the Light to force reforms upon a very obstinate dark cabal. These various strategies are really working, and although the concerted efforts of the dark have somewhat slowed down proceedings, nothing can now prevent the inevitable victory of the Light.

This process of change is something that the Sacred has decreed for this reality. The reaction of the dark was fully expected. Heaven is well aware that transforming the ways of this world would, in normal circumstances, take time and has therefore bombarded your realm with divine blessings and special dispensations which permit a degree of intervention here that would not usually be allowed. The momentum for change is being greatly assisted by all the new souls who have been born into this realm in the past thirty years. These Beings were selected to be the sacred foundation for the promised new reality, and so, concurrent with these births Mother Earth's grids of healing and grace were duly raised in frequency. Likewise, the planet's entire base frequency was raised toward the magic number 13. As your reality and you shift upward, increasing numbers join the ranks of the awakening. This exposition of new souls and circumstances constituted Heaven's plan for preparing this realm for a great shift toward the Light. In support of this plan, the amount of Light beamed upon you was much augmented.

These facts have put the wind up the dark ones and they recognize that their nearly 13 millennia rule is almost ended. They fought to retain their strangleholds on your world and schemed to their utmost to confuse the Light and hold back the awakening of the peoples they were so used to controlling. Our task is to confound these masters of deception and allow those on the side of the Light to take back their powers. Each step we took was met with arrogance, conceit, and undue aggressiveness by the dark. We learned a lot from these encounters and have turned their dark modus operandi back on them. A result of this ploy is the defection of many of the dark's cohorts, and a grand coalition has formed on our side, boosting the ranks of those sectors involved in building a new and fair banking system. This implies the rapid approach of Saint Germaine's promised torrent of prosperity. These are some of the things in the mix of the endgame now playing out between the Light and the last dark cabal. This promises to finish soon, once the final legal issues are decided and acted upon.

The endgame also involves the thorough uprooting of many recalcitrant and illegal governments and replacing them with legal, transitional caretaker regimes. As you can perhaps glimpse, this component of the endgame constitutes quite a "sticky wicket" in itself! In short, we are weeding out the taproots of a power structure that was planted long before the arrival of your industrial revolution. Back then, a great deal of wealth and power was reallocated from the dark's royal Earth minions to the much more diverse illuminoids. This new dark elite enabled those in power to change the financial and governmental world by creating the corporation and its funding ally: fractional banking. These new elements permitted a more complex power structure to exert its hold upon the world, and the result was a "golden age" of colonialism and a new model for running the modern world. This new model is now in deep crisis and an opportunity is now open for real change.

This "real change" now taking shape behind the scenes has little to do with the illuminoids' vision of the future. The dark's original plans were to collapse the global system at the turn of the millennium in order to steal the St. Germaine World Trust as part of the final steps to enslave humanity permanently. These plans were of course sidetracked by the Anunnaki's sudden change of heart. The result of their departure was a new quick-fix agenda sponsored by the now last dark cabal led by the British and American factions. A European-Asian group, wishing to honor the departing Anunnaki's exhortations to join the Light, then set itself against the dark cabal. Many such splinter groups, over time, became part of the core faction, which signed the 1998 agreements. And it is this group that has so notably swelled in the last decade. Thus we now approach this final struggle with a great deal of confidence in a victorious outcome.

What we are dealing with now is the putting into operation of those elements agreed to in 1998. The illegal aggressive actions of the dark ones were only partially successful: The effects of the Light left them short of their goals, and their weaknesses began to show, especially in the last two years. On top of that, various setbacks have put them in their present predicament, and this near-checkmate situation would appear to be the proverbial straw that is breaking their camel's back. They are angered at this stalemate and also know that their days are numbered. Something dramatic is desperately needed, but this solution to the deadlock seems beyond their reach. And yet they still cast round pigheadedly, intent on finding an outrageous way out. It is our task to make sure that this "outrageous way out" does not occur.

This final cat and mouse game is all that remains now. It is clear that the dark faces its abyss of self-destruction. However, what comes next is based on things we cannot as yet divulge. Let us just say that something wonderful is about to happen. The dire plans of the dark are to be thwarted. A mighty shift in world direction is to be suddenly announced and those deliveries are to be made. The Light has not come this far in the game to settle for anything less! Your world is actually shifting manifestly each day toward the Light as we speak, and the dark's grand schemes are no longer realizable. This erstwhile nightmare of theirs is fading away before the rays of a divine new day, and we therefore assure you again that those things long promised you are about to come to fruition.

This lull before the divine storm is a waiting period to be savored; it is a space to be used to plan how you want to spend the period of transition before first contact. We encourage you to envision this change, its potential, and ways that you might contribute to this most significant moment in your history. For our part, we intend to use this time to observe your actions and to prepare for first contact. From all viewpoints, first contact is a massive watershed in the saga of Mother Earth. We mean to carry out this event exactly as planned by the Creator. Then we are to become your mentors, as well as serving as the divine emissaries who welcome you back to the joys of full consciousness. Moreover, we are to introduce you to the galaxy as full members of the Galactic Federation. Magnificent things are on your horizon. Recall them to mind whenever you become frustrated with it all.

Today, we have given you more information about what is happening on your world. Be of good cheer, and know that Creation Loves you, is behind you, and wants you to do all of this with a firm conviction and a realization of just what wonderful and grand Beings you truly are! We now retire. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)


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