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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

June 13, 2006

Selamat Jarin! We arrive, dear Hearts, with more to tell you! The move toward first contact continues. On many fronts around your world, events are moving forward to their climactic denouements. Numerous requisite agreements about world finance are clandestinely being enacted by collegiums of concerned central bankers. These actions make it necessary for the world's governments to hammer out a new Breton Woods-like agreement. This crisis is yet another key indication that the time has come to evict the current American regime from power. Consequently, we have strongly urged those directly involved in this action to complete with due haste what remains outstanding. Our diplomatic liaisons report this critical move is very close. Other related actions, which involve the changing of several willful regimes, are likewise close to completion. The progress on these two fronts-the financial and the governmental-indicates that the many abundance programs are indeed approaching the magic moment for unimpeded distribution.

As the clash between the last dark cabal and our Earth allies plays out, we can comprehend that your global society is not yet ready for the great shock that it is shortly to receive. To remedy this, we began, months ago, a program designed to alleviate many of your global society's lingering fears. Security and sufficient financial opportunities for advancement haunt the core of your world economy. These worries create energies that are being manipulated by your dark cabal. Our operation is providing many needed resources to counter these fears. The amount of money covertly hoarded by your dark cabal is truly staggering! Using the offices of our Earth allies, we set up a system to summarily confiscate and redistribute these vast sums. In addition, we have gathered together a sufficient quantity of objects of value to ensure that a true 'hard currency" monetary system can be quickly manifested worldwide when so needed. We mention this to demonstrate that your new reality is very close and indeed quite inevitable.

While this transpires, Mother Earth is rumbling. She wants to transform into her fully conscious Self. Nonetheless, she knows that the full sweep of these changes can only be carried out once you have been moved into designated sanctuaries. So, she remains content with much smaller movements of her surface area. Even these have recently caused degrees of discomfort among your population. Expect more in the coming days and months as many minor adjustments are made. Mother Earth remains in a very fragile condition and sustaining her in this state is becoming more and more difficult. Despite this, our science teams and the planetary Elohim are committed to maintaining the current homeostasis for as long as necessary. This means that what is being done by our Earth allies must conclude very shortly, and it is the intention of our liaisons to see to it that this does indeed happen. Assisting them are our fleet personnel who have been on assignment among you for over a decade. These two elements are dedicated to your success and your coming great victory!

Our fleet personnel are predicting that first contact is very near! All the diverse elements needed are starting to fall into place. Mother Earth's delicate condition further emphasizes this fact. We look around your planet and can see only how beneficial first contact will be. The 13-millennia rule of the dark has reached its zenith, and it is this that causes the distress that racks your globe. Those individuals and groups who are committed to change have worked diligently and are just beginning to witness the fruits of their labor. The cry for such change is seen in the faces of your poor and downtrodden. Their desperate hope for relief has only increased in the past ten years. Everywhere, governments in Asia, Europe, Africa, Oceania, and the Americas feel silent but effective protestations for change. This great silent scream is bringing varied groups together and amplifying the power of your global "quiet revolution." This quiet revolution is reaching a point where it is ready to manifest before you.

Above all, we understand that this revolution is about a great shift in consciousness. Your long sojourn through the realms of limited consciousness is nearing an end. Our scientists desire to inform you that individual Soul fields strengthened enormously during the past year. As we approach the start of a new galactic year, we wish to report that your collective Soul fields are merging into a most beautiful kaleidoscope of ever-changing patterns and forms. Their beauty is something to behold! We see this in our viewing devices and observe it within our mind's eye. This exquisite beauty signals the magnificence of the coming transformations of your world and, of course, you. You are a great people on the verge of actually manifesting your limitless potential. This fact fills us with joy and proves to us that your grand potential is shortly to be realized. We are most grateful to Heaven that we have been given a part in these proceedings.

Consciousness is the most beautiful of pearls! As you become able to possess her higher forms, you come to perceive Creation in new and quite wondrous ways. These new perceptions permit you to conceive of Creation as a complete and holistic entity. The crass divisions of physicality fall away, and you can finally view physicality as a whole and determine the extent of her connection to the infinite realms of Spirit. It is this connection that is so important to you. Some 13 millennia ago you were severed from this marvelous connection; it was taken from you by the dark, and now this gift is being graciously returned to you! In the interim, you became great connoisseurs of the dark's impious ways. This wisdom is needed for your next task. Soon, you are to be full members of this grand galactic union-in fact, some of its most important ambassadors.

In this capacity, you are to do some really outstanding things to bring physical Creation together. Your manifesting powers, when combined with the special status and beauty of Mother Earth, are to complete many intergalactic agreements that currently are in early formative stages. The peoples of inner Earth eagerly anticipate their reunion with you. Many conference centers abandoned during the destruction of Lemuria and then Atlantis need to be rebuilt on your planet's nodal points. These great edifices are to be the sites of momentous forums where your inherent skills can contribute great works not only for this Galactic Federation, but also for the whole of physicality. You are, as we have said before, to be the creators of a grand union of the Light throughout physicality.

This destiny is no small thing to ponder. It predicts your future potential and coming magnificence. It demonstrates how beautifully you have weathered the storm whipped up long ago by the dark. The coming time shows only the merest beginnings of what you are to become and be truly capable of doing. Remember, you are all great children of the Light who have come to this marvelous yet dangerous reality to learn, grow, and ultimately to transform it. This you are already doing! Be not afraid of what is happening to you. Accept who you are and be ready to become great Beings of the Light! The final series of metamorphoses is now beginning. Soon, both your living residence, Mother Earth, and you are to complete your transformation into something quite splendid! Then the time for reunion with true family and assuming the mantle of your destiny can at last begin!

Today, we discussed the happenings on your world from our perspective. We ask you to remain patient and focused firmly upon your victory. Sincerely know just how close everything divinely is. The word of the Creator proclaims your Victory and prepares you for your works! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)


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