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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

8 Ix, 7 Yax, 3 Manik --- January 29, 2008

Selamat Jarin! We come again with more to say about your world and first contact. The machinations of the dark continue. Nonetheless, our Earth allies are confidant that their long-sought victory is upon them. Everywhere, the past actions of the dark ones are breeding immense contempt among their former minions, many of whom are beginning to realize the extent of their impending defeat. They are asking for an opportunity to be included in bringing about the changes that are about to happen. This fracturing of the last dark cabal intensifies the feeling among our Earth allies that the moment of celebration is indeed nigh. At the same time Mother Earth's preparations for her surface reconfiguration is gathering pace, adding to the evidence that the time for first contact is approaching fast. Even the rising chaos in your societies is now but a paper-thin diversion covering over the gaping cracks appearing in your reality structures. This splintering of your reality points in only one direction: your eventual return to full consciousness.

These encouraging developments are spurred on by the start of a cycle that leads to your global prosperity and to wonders that herald your future renaissance. With this in mind, we have been watching the reactions of a number of major governments to proposals, which we presented them with about three years ago. In these papers we argued that setting up a new currency with new financial procedures needed to be preceded by the release of the prosperity funds. But these proposals were rejected at that time, the argument being that such a massive destabilization was something to be avoided. Now, however, these same governments see things in a different light and are mostly in favor of instituting these changes. Recent developments have shown them that directions that once seemed advantageous are actually grievously in error. Only a small handful of nations now cling to their original position, the leader of this group being the current US regime.

This recalcitrant stance is prompting the members of the new economic system to welcome the break-away factions mentioned above, thus further isolating the US regime and its remaining adherents. We are now on the brink of major global policy changes that threaten the continued financial hegemony of the US government and the concomitant reliance on the US dollar as the world's prime currency. These changes will accelerate once those who can no longer stand what is going on legally propel the present US regime from power. These circumstances are on the horizon and bode well for our Earth allies' new fiscal and economic policies. With these changes comes the added responsibility of using the new fiscal and economic structures to bring forth the long-hidden devices that can quickly resolve the present energy and pollution crises that lay waste to your world. Moreover, the aggressive policies of many nations must be quickly throttled. In this peaceful and prosperous environment, ancient truths long buried by the dark can be disclosed.

First contact is the final truth in a long line of truths to be revealed. The UFO cover-up is a typical example of one of the control methods employed by the dark throughout the past 13 millennia: A story denying our existence is concocted by the governments, while these same governments build up a technology that relies heavily on advances gleaned from their dark off-world allies. This duplicity led inevitably to tales that, even by the standards of your world, defy reason or logical explanation. We watch as your media stirs this indigestible "dog's dinner" to near hysterical proportions. Our intent is simply to give you the facts behind the muddle and this, we hope, will allow the people to see through this hooey. Our task is to undo this nonsense and get your society to the point where these absurd preconceptions can be dispelled. Many individuals in prominent or prestigious positions on your world are secretly using present levels of goodwill to open the door to first contact. These ones are only a part of a much larger effort.

The move toward first contact is seen by the majority of those directly involved as the final act in a drama that takes your reality away from its present "norms" toward a range of new propositions. The world prior to first contact must be seen by the global populace to be going in a quite different direction from the present one. This means that we need to set up stages that can be leapfrogged if and when necessary. To this end, our Earth allies supplied us last fall with such an agenda, and this schedule has permitted us to coordinate a series of policy decisions that are secretly being implemented. (These are in addition to the strategies alluded to in past messages.) Generally speaking, a rising tide of favorable opinion shows us that a majority of those in positions of authority on your world would welcome our arrival.

These powerful and influential people see clearly that the dark's present direction is greatly at odds with the planet's destiny. Happily, Heaven is weaving a situation that makes a victory for the dark well nigh impossible. Further, a number of conditions are now present which suggest that the defeat of the dark's plans has the full favor of the Divine. In short, the dark's determined shot at world domination is fast losing ground, and this includes the strategies long espoused by their former masters, the Anunnaki. Having seen the wisdom of what is happening in the galaxy, these ones changed sides and left their on-planet, dark devotees in the lurch. The dark cabal took almost a full decade to recover from this reversal of fortune and to substitute a suitable stratagem that broadly mirrored the goals of the Anunnaki in the immediate post-World War II era.

The central element in the dark's control strategy is the use of fear, bolstered by the introduction of various new electronic and related technologies. Another element was to invite the galactic dark ones to participate in their on-planet "games," and this meant that a widespread cover-up of their joint activities was required. At the same time, Heaven began to step up her own program to prepare your world for something quite different: the return of the Light. This led to a great dichotomy in the world set-up, and Mother Earth further complicated this mix by doing what was predicted long ago: preparing for her return to her former resplendency. Examples of these opposing drives are, on one hand, the heart-felt ecology movement, and on the other, the recent world-shaking traumas, which demonstrate the dangers of a populace steeped in ignorance and cleverly manipulated.

We now stand on the verge of revelations that will show your world just how warped and unnecessary the continuation of this decade-long cover-up really is. First contact is something that we intend to carry out as soon as divinely possible. Heaven is ready to complete her divine plan and to affect the decrees of the Creator. Lord Surea has decreed, in his Righteousness and with the full power and sacred Thoughts of the Holy Seraphim that this galactic seed, Mother Earth, be brought the grand paradise that she so richly deserves. We stand in this great white Light and await what is to be given us as part of our divine service. You are our Brothers and Sisters; we cannot abandon you to the dark, and the Ways of Heaven have so concurred! Remember in your Hearts, Together, We are indeed Victorious!

Today, we continued our discussion of what is happening on your world. To us, first contact is a sacred act that comes as part of a momentous divine operation carried out by Heaven. The dark understands that it is on the verge of defeat. What is left is to do what Heaven wishes and to stay ready for First Contact. We now retire. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)


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