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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

Selamat Balik! We return, dear Hearts, with more to discuss with you! As your world's reality shifts, many things are changing to fit what needs to happen. Consciousness is actually an environment in which you live your lives. As you change, so this reality envelope needs to reflect this change; thus, each step you take is complemented by an equal shift in your reality. This is how Mother Earth adjusts to you. Everywhere, these changes are done in a proper and subtle manner. We observe this daily in our Earth-monitoring duties and from the prognostications of our numerous medical teams. The tight correlation between these adjustments demonstrates just how closely your reality mimics your state of consciousness. It is our job to monitor this activity and to assure ourselves that these divine changes are keeping to schedule. So far, your shifts and those of your reality remain in near-perfect sync, and you are on for the next series of changes that are to bring you to the very brink of first contact. This means that our work with you requires a more complex set of interactions.

To get this underway we have stepped up the training of a whole new series of medical teams. The Arcturians and their Andromedan neighbors are busy cooperating on new ways to finish the orientation programs prior to sending these new teams into the field. A great many of you are awakening for the first time, some even for the second time, and looking seriously at what is really going on around you. Happily, the new consciousness grids set up in the last three years by the crystal children are supporting this earnest quest. Their arrival on your world has given us a plethora of new allies. Our teams have set up an array of interlocking networks with them, which support the new demands of our medical teams, helping them stabilize further the various adjustments that Heaven has asked us to oversee. These adjustments are very important and may be affecting you in various ways: You may be experiencing great fatigue, general bodily soreness, or some type of deep or throbbing headache.

These symptoms relate to the many extra layers of your future "merkaba" being activated at this time. As you start to integrate these vast changes, you may at times get a sense of not "being" in this world; or you feel a connection to some other reality that pops swiftly, for an instant, into your head. These virtual mirages are glimpses of a world that you do not yet know--the world of full consciousness. In this temporary state you can sometimes sense things that have not yet happened, or you very fleetingly notice people or other odd things around you. This is merely your med-team made briefly visible, or maybe some event from your past or early life. These are side effects of what is going on within you. The sphere of your conscious world is in fact quite enormous; if you could see it, you would see that it cuts across a huge swath of your past, present, and future, including past and future lives. There is no real sequence to it. Where you are in this nearly infinite realm depends on choices you make.

As you shift, you do so within a continuum that is created by your occupation of this reality. This group-connect affects the boundaries of your daily reality. Everywhere, you are part of someone else's life script as they are of yours; you are never really alone. This sloshing-together forges your reality, and this incessant motion and each one of you are constantly monitored by Heaven, whose various hierarchies, divine councils, and personal Angels are responsible for the divine ordering of the multitude of Life Streams that interact to produce this physical reality. Our role is to assist Heaven and to ensure that the correct orderings happen as planned. In this case, it involves programming the events that lead up to first contact. Once you get to that point, the nature of our job is redefined: At that time it shifts from an indirect, to a very direct interaction with you, allowing us to become your mentors and teachers in the many protocols of full consciousness.

It is this more direct role that we long for! The present situation puts us very much at arm's length from you. We are the people in the shadow, the ghosts in your dreams. This is far from an optimal use of our capabilities! We wish to interact with you and teach you about your great shift. The present phase of this operation called first contact is actually a gentle nudging and coaxing process: We advise our Earth allies; we do what Heaven desires. But mainly we wait gladly for the right moment to make ourselves more directly known to you. We have set up various groups around this globe that we daily interact with via a sort of telepathic channeling and by use of communication implants in selected individuals. These interactions are merely the preliminaries to the full onset of direct contact with you. It is the direct contact mode that is the more normal means by which we interact with a first contact candidate.

The special conditions surrounding this first contact mission have allowed us to concoct a whole series of new first-contact protocols. This is why the primary scenarios for first contact have been reordered many times during the last decade and a half. The unusual circumstances surrounding your reality likewise mean that we have to come up with new ways of carrying out this mission. The process of redefining and adapting basic principles is most enlightening for us. You have taught us much during this time and reminded us why this type of first contact was not attempted before. The difficulties became challenges that our creative problem-solving methods tackled successfully. Now when we look at your society, we understand its growth and the way this affects your many cultures, your global society, your economies, and your governments.

Our constant re-evaluation of your world allows us to see how it has expanded in consciousness. At the same time the great chaos unleashed upon you by your last dark cabal grows commensurately. Both aspects are part of this shift we talk about. Consciousness often intensifies as it transforms a reality grid, and this is quite evident in your case. This shifting-process is the cause of some of the increased dissonance now circling your globe; but it is now at a point where it is beginning to warp the chaos and transmute it into a condition more useful and more to our liking. All this paves the way for the many things preparing to materialize which will enormously transform your reality. Your world stands at the very crux of change; energies are in play, which promise that the moments we have all waited for are indeed close.

To us, your world is a laboratory of change. We watch your reality remake itself as you move forward in your own transformations. This is why we are here. We are excited about so improbable a scenario-taking place before us. Each day brings us closer to the activity we are best at: first contact! We revel in the plans and procedures required to transform you. Our personnel assigned to daily life on your world also are excited by what you are accomplishing. Your world is beginning the low rumblings that intimate the glorious thunder that she is capable of. This time of a massive consciousness shift is absolutely amazing to observe. We know we are very close to meeting all of you; speaking of which, know that we are planning the most all-out celebrations that any of you can imagine!

Today, we continued our discussion of what is happening on your world. The divine energies ever-more-powerfully colliding with your world are here for one purpose: to integrate you with the Divine and transform your present limited state of consciousness into one that ends your separation from Heaven and from your space families. We now retire. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)


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