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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

11 Cib, 9 Ceh, 3 Manik --- March 11, 2008

Selamat Jarin! We come before you again with more to discuss. Everywhere, the power of your last cabal is declining. Its grip on your world is slipping as the subtle moves of our Earth allies begin to take effect. This process demands the utmost care, diligence, and a great deal of patience. At present those who have waited until now to show their true colors are being weeded out by teams put together by our Earth allies. You are finally close to seeing some tangible results. These moves are paving the way for the deliveries and, most importantly, a series of much-needed regime changes. These first manifestations will herald the schedule of broadcast announcements that will set your world on its ear. Deep inequality, manipulation, and fear of just about everything currently run your societies, and the content of the announcements can end these miasmas by replacing them with cooperation, truth, and Love. Then at long last, national and personal sovereignty can come to the fore, and freedom and prosperity for all be allowed to reign.

This better world is the immediate goal of our Earth allies and ourselves. Getting there has been done in stages that seem to the uninitiated to be far too slow! But as each stage is reached, it can be seen clearly to have a purpose and a divine, specified timeframe. This is no less true for the present stage, which is also unfolding in a very predictable manner. No matter how tightly the dark ones clench hold of their remaining power, it continues to slither from their grasp. This increases the economic and social upheaval around the world, and these escalating difficulties are the cabal's way to re-engage. Happily, the Earth allies' policies, once fully activated, can easily undo what the dark has so traitorously sown. This encourages our Earth allies to press on and complete what is needed for their programs to fully manifest. Meanwhile, we monitor all this and see how well Mother Earth and you are mutating. Heaven has set in motion a plan based on Love, which will forever transform your consciousness. It is your ever-rising awareness level that is making it increasingly hard for you to be fooled by the dark.

The strengthening populist resentment of the dark's 13-millennia-long catalogue of lies, contrived hatreds and wars, exploitation, and manipulation is mounting and is now stirring up a "quiet revolution." This groundswell strikes fear into your dark controllers, pressuring them to come up with schemes for diverting this populist revolution. Yet all their cunning has so far only delayed the inevitable. The world's people simply no longer wish to be hungry, underpaid, and controlled! And it is this refusal to bow down to the old ways that is fuelling these movements all around the planet, and they are growing apace. Your awakening populace is reaching out for freedom, truth, and prosperity; in short, for basic rights. In the face of this the dark's standard control-and-repression apparatus is no longer working; neither are its stratagems for fostering global economic disarray. Such conditions of rebellion would once have been easy for the Anunnaki for put down, but this option is unavailable to the last cabal. Now each action further unravels its power.

Forces are at work whose purpose is to move your world to a place where these devious, dark schemes become irrelevant. Looking back from this place, your present realities will seem quite ludicrous to you. Consciousness carries with it a set of perceptions that expand as each new level is reached. The first ones to arrive at each level get to initiate these perceptions and move them into position on your reality's grid. This process inspires others to join them, or allows more Souls to incarnate there. This has been surreptitiously going on for millennia. It has allowed you to move through the "cold war" largely unscathed and to begin to shift your societies to the next stage where the principles of individual sovereignty are recognized. At this point universal global prosperity must come into play because this fosters higher levels of international cooperation, leading to the decline of the old fears and the reaching out to new possibilities.

These new realities are inevitable: A genetic revolution is underway which is creating prototypes of the many qualities found in higher states of manifested consciousness. These genetic anomalies, found all over your globe, are forbearers of what you will become and, indeed, they indicate what you once were. Further, the many studies of the Human Genome recently done on your world hint clearly at the fact that you do not originate on this planet, and that most of your genetic capabilities are barely starting to come on line. It is these facts that are leading many of you to accept that Humanity is evolving rapidly into something quite different from what you are now. This new human is the fully conscious Being that we represent. Your current evolving state is the basis that Heaven brought us here on a mission of deep encounter and then first contact.

Our encounters with you take on many forms and cover many social spheres. Daily we interact with a number of your scientists, masters of consciousness, and special government envoys. These communications are intended to move your world forward in the direction of first contact. These interactions are friendly and serve as a means to advance your sciences and prepare you for a new philosophic and scientific paradigm. Another sphere is our deeper involvement with our Earth allies. Then there are the largely ceremonial meetings with the major political regimes of your world. These take place in a very tense atmosphere generated by the representatives secretly chosen by these regimes. But our favorite section of the populace is you! We enjoy talking with you and discussing a large range of subjects with our global contacts. You are the most important, and you mean the most to all of us!

These interactions are part of a much larger scenario that is heading your world toward first contact. Included in this are our daily dealings with Mother Earth and her Spiritual Hierarchy. Our task, as you know by now, is that of an intermediary between Heaven, Mother Earth, and the totality of your reality. Shifting you and this grand entourage toward your destiny is something that we hold sacred. While we are a part of this shift, we never lose sight of the fact that a profound event is happening here. We are most pleased to be part of this operation, which evolves around you in much the same way that your divine duties center around caring for and assisting Mother Earth and her huge and diverse ecosystem. This learning process of yours is to expand enormously once you finally connect the dots concerning the true nature of consciousness.

This brings us back to the first contact mission. Your present state of knowledge is expanding at an exponential rate, as is your level of consciousness. This is why you are on the verge of a physical first contact with us. The dark is getting this message in emphatic terms but refuses all the while to accept this glaring truth, choosing instead to oppose the process. Let us simply say that, very soon, Heaven intends to do something that will resolve this illogical intransigence. Our role, at the moment, is to be the courteous messenger, but this can change, when appropriate, to that of the resolute executants. In any event, we know that with each passing day the time for first contact draws closer. We joyously look forward to this day and to celebrating our reunion with you. Remember, Together, We are Victorious!

Today, we took a look at the bigger picture to help you better understand the causes behind the events of the day. Things are underway and close to surfacing that will change your world. So stay focused, overcome your frustrations, and prepare yourselves for the incredible ride that is coming! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)


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