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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

5 Akbal, 16 Ceh, 3 Manik -- March 18, 2008

Greetings! We arrive with more to tell you! At present the last phases of the ongoing struggle between our Earth allies and your last dark cabal are approaching an end. We fully expect the long-awaited victory to be shortly upon us. Clearing your reality of the nefarious ones is a prerequisite to first contact. We have watched these denizens of the shadows slither way from a number of recent, near-fatal attacks made upon them. These close calls clearly demonstrate how far their capabilities have deteriorated and, hence, their increasing vulnerability. Further, the dark cabal's machinery for foisting sophisticated acts of terrorism and criminality upon the masses, and passing these off in the media as something quite other, is faltering badly; many of these crimes are coming to within a hair's breadth of detection. This bungling is symptomatic of just how much the cabal's grip is waning, and this decline in control is not lost on our Earth allies. The dark cabal is demonstrably fragile and open to infiltration, which means it is then but a short step away from being utterly crushed. We watch its many factions create media diversions that are at once exposed as such by perceptive Internet bloggers.

The dark ones' increasing weakness is still largely undetected by the average citizen and so they retain great power to interfere in people's daily lives and to manipulate them into believing their parade of mischievous lies. But behind the scenes the Light continues to make inroads against these formerly all-powerful minions of the dark, clearing the path for those within many governmental agencies to prepare for the maneuvers that will oust a number of major regimes from power. These legal putsches open the door to the lineup of policies that are to cure your multiple global woes and bring about a peaceful, cooperative, and prosperous new world. They also permit the broadcast of the public announcements, which will introduce many new technologies. These long-hidden technologies can alleviate many of your present energy, pollution, and economic difficulties, including greatly upgrading your communication capabilities.

These remedies are being kept back from you by the dark cabal. Those presently in power are deeply worried that their positions can be wrested from them and, consequently, closely guard any technology that has the potential to progress your world, or that is not under their firm control. This policy is behind the UFO cover-up and the suppression of literally thousands of inventions that inadvertently paralleled what the dark was secretly developing. The science used at this secret level introduces the notion that your public-arena scientific theorems and hypotheses are less than correct. Also at risk are your long-held philosophies and perceptions of reality, which your "official science" supports. You could say that this sequestered science is a veritable Pandora's box for everything you were taught to believe in. Also, pressure is being brought to bear on the dark by the consciousness revolution, which is beginning to question the many "sacred cows" of science. Your reality dearly wants to change, whether or not the dark approves.

This quiet consciousness revolution will simply not go away. The dark cabal sees that its global efforts to quash this upsurge are both unwieldy and, ultimately, unequal to the task. Consciousness is rising all over the planet and bringing together many individuals whose determined quests for the truth have furnished them with a veritable smorgasbord of facts. These facts are to be found all over the Internet and when woven together coherently have a profound effect upon many. Now a considerable segment of your global population is committed to change. The arguments for change are at present mostly intellectual, or manifesting as ritual action to save Mother Earth and her human society. All told, a rapidly growing movement has precipitated and is making a difference in many parts of your world. This further rattles the dark, and now a major thrust of the dark's global game plan includes crushing this awakening and somehow returning your world to its former somnolent ways.

These movements for change, while still mostly limited in action, are global in scope, and our Earth allies nurture them. Whether instigating people-oriented banking practices, small "green" community businesses, or providing opportunities for families to escape "poverty thinking," these movements are taking on age-old traditions and beliefs and standing them on their heads. New ideas are creatively changing the networks that can make a society better, richer, and smarter than before, and are also solving the small, local needs that develop communities. These grassroots activities are a good start, but they also require the support of wealthy and powerful mentors, and this is where our Earth allies come in. The results of this connection are quite awe-inspiring, and provide further proof that the tide of change is unstoppable.

All that is happening on your world reinforces our belief that first contact is near. On macro- and micro-levels, a great momentum for change is on the rise and gaining strength and scope rapidly. Never before on your planet has such a diverse group for change come together. Although beginning on the fringes, groups for all sorts of change are proliferating, including parties for peace and prosperity. "Green" philosophy has led to political parties and to the rise of new industry based on knowledge that fosters environmental awareness and global stewardship. These attitudes are preparing the ground for the many exotic technologies that are to solve your energy and pollution crises. This includes the necessity to bring social responsibility to center stage.

The desperate straits of large sections of your global populace cry out for social responsibility, and this moves our Earth allies to hasten the downfall of the last cabal. The measures taken to stop your awakening consciousness are failing, and this dark group is growing frantic. Heaven has set in motion a means to return you to full consciousness, and the dark ones now see how futile it is to oppose this. The dark-run media sphere that fills your days with misinformation is still under their control for now, but elsewhere the siege of the Light upon the mighty fortress of the dark is succeeding. The walls are crumbling and the besieged are becoming weary. You are watching a pivotal watershed event taking place before your eyes; namely, the long-awaited moment when, finally, the dominion of the dark disintegrates, to be replaced by something more to your liking and more befitting your budding capabilities.

You are teetering on the verge of a major evolutionary leap in consciousness. Our role is to guide you through this and mentor you in many new ways of perception. It is no easy feat to radically transform who you are and what you believe, and to equip you to completely reorganize your global society. But it can be done, and done rapidly. For starters, you have much catching up to do because of the restraints put on your society by the dark. Thereafter, your innate potential will embrace the vistas opening up before you with joy. We have no doubt that once you are returned to full consciousness and pointed in the proper direction you are limitless. No one can ever tell you what is not divinely possible. We have complete confidence in you to build your star-nation and create a list of what you wish to do. Once your blossoming is well underway, you will add your insightful voice to ours within the many councils of the Galactic Federation.

Today, we looked at some of the things shaping developments on your world. Be in joy, and focus on the prize. The dark is about to relinquish its suffocating hold on your world, and thus many amazing events are close. Be ready, and know that Together, You are Victorious! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)


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