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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

12 Oc, 3 Mac, 3 Manik -- March 25, 2008

Selamat Jarin! We return on this auspicious day with more to tell you! Everywhere on your world the signs of great change are starting to reveal themselves. Your precious planet is caught in a conundrum. She wants to transform her reality, and yet your society is only slowly preparing for that change. This compels her to speed up the physical aspects of those phenomena that assist her to cope with this disparity. Thus, the number of seaquakes, seabed volcanic eruptions, and a general cracking of the Pacific, Indian, and Atlantic Ocean floors has greatly increased in the past year. This sideshow cannot go on much longer without a major land-based earthquake. Hence, Mother Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy asked that the current difficulties in your society be more quickly resolved and that the prerequisites to first contact be put on a divinely inspired "fast track." Implementing these matters can help Mother Earth to move toward her own transformative events. This request caused Lord Surea to issue a decree that divinely pushes you toward your glorious destiny.

This divinely increased impetus is assisting our Earth allies to push the most recalcitrant members of the last dark cabal out of the way. The present economic crisis is a result of a global struggle between those who desire to maintain the current unequal and predatory monetary system and those who wish to replace it with a far more equitable one; one which paves the way for worldwide prosperity. The dark's insistence on ramming its old ways down the throat of the world is reaching a point of no return. Each day more and more important, influential economic institutions are forced to concede the inevitable. The only remaining truly dark adherents are the present US regime and its many associated cronies. These institutions are facing dire straits as their money supplies dry up and their means to get refinanced dwindle. The resulting crisis has affected many of the world's economies and put them in a more willing state to concede to the investiture of a newer monetary system. This growing bandwagon of opportunity has put the dark cabal on the very brink of collapse.

Despite these considerable difficulties the dark remains as defiant as ever. The US regime is even attempting to ignore the severity of this crisis and is acting as if they can somehow pull through. This pipedream cannot last much longer. The shrinking value of their major assets is in stark contrast to the ever-increasing potential of the well-funded, gold-based system. These things are nudging at the periphery of the dark's power base, causing added defections to the Light. In addition, many of the more obnoxious schemes of the cabal's most powerful members are coming under close scrutiny. These sustained investigations have revealed plots, which have then been either crushed or seriously hampered by our Earth allies. These setbacks further erode the cabal's ability to weather the current storm and send ripples of despair through the secret planning sessions of this dark clique. The dark's capability to sustain these efforts is fast disappearing, and our Earth allies feel that definitive victory over the dark is quite near.

This situation has indirectly contributed to the growing instability stirred up by the dark. These economic travails are the result of the many clandestine operations launched by the dark to get hold of the enormous amounts of money needed to carry out its many unconscionable plans. These are now being interrupted by what is happening to the dark's source funds; yet despite this, the plans presently underway are continuing even though future funding is at risk. A number of final contingency funds remain open. As these rapidly dwindle, the cabal is to reach a point where this irrational direction implodes, causing the dire realities that it set in motion to overtake it. At that time our Earth allies can carry out the maneuvers that strip these desperate men and women of their ill-gotten gains and create the situations which end the dark's all-too-long 13-millennia rule. Then, finally, the provisional regimes can set the stage for first contact.

As you are all too aware, first contact has been staved off from happening, involving us in new responsibilities and new ways to execute the divine game plan. This means that we are daily becoming more and more engaged in how these new governments are to operate. The original concept was for us to act only as a "hidden" divine enforcer, ensuring that the goals set by Heaven and the Earth allies come swiftly into being. Now we are being drawn into the first acts of these new policies. We are making plans for more overt demonstrations in your skies and to be "super-advisors" to your new temporary administrations. In fact, Heaven is moving us increasingly out of the shadows and into a more open role in preparing you, now in slightly different ways, for the mass first contact. The original version of the mass first contact event is now to be the third or fourth appearance rather than the first.

The utter determination of the dark cabal to maintain its powerbase delayed the original vision for first contact. As recorded during these messages, these delays put us into an increasingly close relationship with our Earth allies. This union between Spirit, our Earth allies, and the first contact team produced a range of special groups whose effectiveness matured in the past year. We are devoted to taking honest, open feedback and using this to improve our relationship with you. Presently this is confined to dealing mostly with our Earth allies and collating the data brought to us by our medical teams. This has given us the experience we need to interact effectively with you, and the data suggests a larger role than the one we initially subscribed to. This led us to redefine first contact as a series of events leading to a final, massive first contact.

These proposed events are in the developmental stage, and we see a number of possible scenarios, which we are currently studying and prioritizing. Next, we intend to do some unusual things in order to determine how to go about all of this in a safe and judicious manner. The purpose behind first contact is to move you as fast as divinely possible to the brink of full consciousness. During this process your fears about divine Creation can fall away. This entity called physicality is a wondrous place, which you have not even begun to explore! Countless galaxies surround you, beckoning you to visit them and discover their unique wonders. Your present societies are restricted by accumulated fears and limited consciousness. We are here to show you how to soar and become one with all Creation!

The moment for huge changes in who you are and in how you perceive reality approaches. First contact is the vehicle that transports you to a most magical and divine realm. The ships of this fleet are to have an astonishing effect on how your sciences view the universe. The intention is to lead you to a very sacred place, a place called full consciousness, or "Sha Ba Da Na" in Sirian. This means: "The place where your Soul entity and physicality intertwine." This sacred and truly divine experience cannot be described in mere words; it needs to be experienced at first hand. Only then can what we are attempting to describe to you begin to make sense. This as-yet unimaginable realm is your sacred destiny. First contact is to take you there and, in the process, welcome you into the multicolored human rainbow family!

Today, we continued our discussion of first contact and the fact that it is an integral part of the marvelous consciousness shift that your reality is going through. We come as messengers and bring with us the rise of a brand new day filled with Love, Light, and prosperity! We now take our leave. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)


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