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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

June 20, 2006

Selamat Jarin! We return, dear Friends, with some interesting things to discuss with you. As your world approaches the brink of its transformation, it is important to look carefully at how these changes are happening. Your world is presently being squeezed by a great need to revise the international role of the American dollar. Many financial markets are busy going through the many corrections needed to produce a new global system. At the same time, equally sharp adjustments are being made in the precious metals commodity markets. These are more signs that the financial agreements now being finalized in secret are nearly ready to make a formal appearance. The last few steps involve the implementing of pacts signed during the galactic year of 6 Caban (latter part of 1997) until late 1 Caban (early 2006). These agreements were initially summarized in the treaty of 1998 between our Earth allies and the first contact team of the Galactic Federation. As these are activated, be aware that this takes us into the time of final resolution.

By final resolution we mean the moment in which this present American regime is toppled and worldwide regime changes quickly follow. This is very close to happening. Some minor fine-tunings are still required, but despite this we can report that every passing day brings us all closer to the actual moment of truth. Therefore, remain focused on our mutual goals. Many individuals in strong positions of power are working all out to tie up loose ends. Be advised that the deliveries of the various programs are not to be announced ahead of time. Any such premature disclosures are merely misinformation. Secrecy and security demand that this aspect be accomplished with the utmost discretion. Such programs are real, and hence are to be treated appropriately by those directly involved. This necessity for non-disclosure has kept us from revealing as much as we would dearly like. The disruptive ways of the dark require us to operate with stringent security protocols. Thus we use words such as "soon" or "very close" in our reports to you. We ask for your continued forbearance in this matter.

As your world approaches the moment of her great shift, your own physical, mental, and emotional transformations continue apace. Here we desire to caution you that these changes now primarily concern your brain and your nervous system. Hence, it is essential for you to baby yourself as much as possible. Do not get too distraught when your memory lets you down, or when mild discomfort suddenly escalates into a bit of a distraction. Your stamina, too, will be like a roller coaster, with days when you may be fatigued in the extreme! The cause is the setting in of your new chakras and the moving and shrinking of the old ones. This process can at times be disorienting which is why we are urging you to be most gentle with yourself. This gentleness supports the huge degree of change that you are undergoing. Focus on pacing yourselves, and make allowances for what is happening to you. This can only help you to cope successfully with what is occurring. Remember you are finishing a long and difficult journey back to full consciousness.

Mother Earth, likewise, is in the final stages of her own transformation. This is being mirrored by her sister planets and her grand Mother, the Sun. Mother Earth needs to finish preparing her continents and ocean basins for these changes. In past messages, we outlined the immensity of these changes not only to her surface regions but also to her core. This core acts like a heart, which beats with a steady rhythm that sets the march of electrical and magnetic currents. These currents carry information vital for sustaining her lithosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere; in short, the various elements that make up Mother Earth. These physical aspects are complimented by her spiritual essence. This grand Spirit whirls around the sun like an enormous vortex and interweaves with the other planetary Spirits that constitute this solar system. This glorious collage is quite stunning, and we enjoy watching it from our ships' quarters during our leisure time.

This ongoing movement toward full consciousness is actually very subtle. Most of you probably would not notice it without this information from others and ourselves about what is truly happening to you. Similarly, the events occurring on your world seem to be the business-as-usual of the vast entanglement instituted by your dark and powerful cabals. Yet, these secret rulers have reached an agreement to cooperate in bringing first contact to your world. This about-face was only agreed to after a long series of conferences with the Ascended Masters and their former overlords, the Anunnaki. However, one powerful, dark cabal held out, and what you now see is the final struggle between this one and the other groups that desire to assist our efforts. This last group is global in strength and headed by a series of interlocking directorates based in North America. This group spawned "associates" who are to blame for much of the unrest in vital areas worldwide.

This struggle to finish off the last cabal consumed us during the first part of this decade. Currently, we are close to defeating these very difficult dark forces. What makes this so hard is the way the final denouement of this drama is to be played out. We are enormously superior in both technology and surveillance capability, yet are limited by the protocols for how first contact is to happen. We desire that you be able to overcome your fear and xenophobia. The mass media and the cultural underpinnings of your societies are apprehensive of any off-world arrival. It is important to keep in mind that you are very sensitive to such an overthrow of your beliefs. The solution is to wait discreetly for the right moment and then swiftly enact the most suitable first contact scenario for the given circumstances.

Moving you from an electromagnetic energy system to one based upon interdimensional spiritual Light requires a greatly expanded mindset. This mindset would take you beyond the fairy tales that presently serve as your perceptual base. You need to move into a daily dialogue with Spirit that is currently unprecedented in your experience. The capability you are to acquire is a holistic consciousness. This consciousness lives in a physicality that is interdimensional and filled with experiential proof of Spirit. This Spirit can guide and teach you to use a grand boundless wisdom. In this realm, you are nothing like what you are now. The difference is so total as to be mind-boggling to most of you! Yet, this is your destiny. The point of first contact is to get you from where you are now, to the place we have ever so briefly just described to you.

Full consciousness is the magnificent goal we intend to realize here. This makes us both cautious yet determined to follow our truths. These requirements led us to an ongoing educative process with you. The point, here, is that this education is critical to our bringing the former dark forces of this galaxy into the galactic fold. Hence, our new galactic allies watch your struggles closely. They continue to see parallels with their own operation to come into the Light and to gain a proper Light body. Thus, their ships gladly form the outer rim of our first contact ship deployment. These new members of our Federation are most welcome to observe our procedures and obtain precedents from your own struggles to transform the darkness that has so long enshrouded your world. Remember, dear Hearts, that Together, We are indeed Victorious!

Today, we touched on what is occurring around you. As always, we ask you to remain patient and focused on your inevitable victory. The next part of this journey promises to give you a most deserved reward. Until that time, know that we are with you and that you are never alone! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)


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