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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

3 Cimi, 19 Moan, 3 Manik -- May 20, 2008

Greetings, dear Hearts! We return with more to discuss. The coming events are designed by us to transition you effortlessly into first contact and beyond. The purpose is to let the darksiders slip into oblivion, using their own greed and implacable arrogance as the prime instruments of their demise. These agencies of destruction are operating in full-throttle mode. We are advising our Earth allies to proceed undaunted and to allow us to clear the way for their victory. This plan of campaign is resulting in many highly pleasing advantages even as we speak. What we are doing, quite simply, is pushing the inevitable outcome of the divine plan forward at a quicker pace. This is being done with the full approval of Heaven. The aim is to bring this reality to the point of transition and then allow the natural factors, which can then come on line, to pull you successfully over the obstacles that currently block you from the finish line. This helps us as well because it brings us closer to the time for carrying out first contact. We just want to get on with it and put the time immediately before us to better use than simply maintaining our present holding pattern.

Our recently expanded operation allows our on-planet personnel a more active role: They can intercede on our behalf in a number of key positions in both government and private sectors. This allows us to increase the means by which we gather intelligence and to promote our positions in the highly complex milieu that is your global society. This is pushing you forward and over the barriers that have so far stymied you. The dark cabal knows, down to the smallest detail, how this reality of yours is ordered. But now this intimate understanding is yielding a swiftly diminishing advantage. As the new reality seeps through the widening cracks and crevices of the old one, we are growing stronger due to the changes that this process generates. The dark ones sense this, but their mounting panic in no way inclines them to change their stripes. Indeed, their panic mode merely speeds up the pace of their various, unscrupulous plots. We are satisfied with these developments and intend to push the dark ones aside as soon as divinely possible.

The difference between what we desire to manifest and what Heaven wishes can often be something of a "sticky wicket" for us. Nevertheless, the process of coming to mutual "understandings" is truly blessed. Yet we still prefer to finish this aspect of our journey together sooner rather than later. The individuals who run the various darkside establishments are focused on surviving the current difficulties; they are doing quite unmentionable things to stay ahead of our Earth allies. Their constant, outrageous behavior is the reason why we were finally permitted to step in. Although this is much more acceptable to us, it does come with some divinely orchestrated rules. These rules allow us deeper into your affairs but still compel us to be somewhat discreet in how we go about this. We have expanded our oversight of your world's various space programs and deepened our infiltration of the groups that control your governments and critical private organizations. This allows us to verify and double-check our growing intelligence work and to move into areas previously unavailable to us.

We are more deeply involved with our Earth allies than ever. Many of our Earth-based teams form part of the groups that are rooting out the cabalists who use dark magic to create horrible spells, which keep the current dire situation going. This secret rooting-out activity is in addition to our open presence within the decision-making bodies of our Earth allies. We have brought our ships into position to help the various missions of those working hard to oust the US regime from power. As you can see, we are determined to go as far as we can within the allowances set by Heaven. Our mission is now to manifest the conditions that allow your prosperity to be delivered and a new American governance to come into effect. Thus the final push is on! The dark cabal realizes more than ever the extent of our commitment to you. We will not stop until our successful mass landings have takes place.

While this is happening Mother Earth has likewise stepped up the pace of her physical transformation, and so the number of weather anomalies has dramatically risen. The growing instability in your atmosphere is partly produced by many diabolical experiments being secretly carried out by government-sponsored projects. These projects are compelling us to intervene on the side of Mother Earth in order to limit the effects of these actions. She has been equally affected by projects, which attempt to use her natural changes as a future weapon. All this is being closely monitored and we intervene physically whenever these operations get out of hand. Mother Earth is beginning to seal many of her tectonic plate seams from the bottom up and this can boosts the probability of major earthquakes. It also increases the possibility for a whole range of unforeseeable things to happen.

A number of earthquakes and volcanic episodes have already been intensified by the secret projects mentioned above. We have therefore moved in to shut down some of these operations. We have also asked the Earth's councils of Elohim to direct us in the most effective way to oversee her current transformational processes, and we have been given a series of steps that we are presently implementing. Your sacred, living home has as much right as you to transform herself. Nonetheless, we reserve the right to discover and put forth a means for both her transformation and yours to be done simultaneously. As a heavenly appointed referee we use our full capabilities to ensure that what is divinely planned comes to pass without a hitch. This is just another aspect of this first contact mission.

This first contact mission has never had a dull moment! Our scientists have learnt much about how your society works, and we have done much in concert with Heaven to move you to where you are now. Now the final chapters are being written to complete this lengthy volume on limited consciousness. Admittedly the activities that are advancing you toward your much-anticipated liberation are very largely happening in secret. Equally, most of what we are doing must also remain hidden for now; but we fully intend to make a full disclosure to you right after the mass landings are completed. We greatly look forward to our first direct interactions with you. These encounters are just the start of a most wondrous relationship with you. All these current preparations are to throw open the gates for your return to being fully conscious citizens of this galaxy.

Your role is to continue to draw on your resources of patience and benevolence, and to feel the wonder of what is happening. Our Earth allies are close to announcing many marvelous things. The rule of the dark on your world is near its end, which means that our formal meeting is getting closer each day. The operations, which we cannot as yet tell you about, are speeding ever more quickly through their final stages, and are getting to the point where we can all rejoice and celebrate the fruits of our labors. And what a grand and bountiful harvest it will be! All that is left to do is truly workable. We thank you for looking beyond your many and growing frustrations; your ongoing, heartfelt support means much to us and has contributed mightily to our joint endeavors. Together, We are indeed Victorious!

Today, we continued our discussion of those activities that are bringing your long journey through darkness to an end. You are very close to the announcements that formally mark the beginning of a new period in your history. We welcome these events and are more than ready to carry out our first contact with you! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)


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