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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

4 Ahau, 13 Pax, 3 Manik -- June 3, 2008

Selamat Jarin! We come before you again with more interesting information. With each day we are getting closer to our objectives. A great many events are ongoing. These happen largely in secret as the dark cabal remains vigilant and ready to strike out at the slightest hint of an attack upon them. Thus our forces and those of our Earth allies need to keep as low a profile as possible. These conditions slow things down somewhat, but in the end this need for extra caution keeps us focused on those fine details that have been the key to our past successes. While these strange maneuvers go forward, our special negotiators are finishing up a major series of talks with our friends as well as with the darkside. Our intention is to get this done as soon as divinely possible. Many of the preliminary exchanges have been completed, and the success of the next steps depends on maintaining this stealthy mode of operation. These final steps are the most critical and, accordingly, contain the most difficult activities to bring off. Once achieved, getting to the finish line is easy!

As these procedures progress, our fleet begins to focus more on assisting our Earth allies with their most important task: ridding your world of the current US regime. These dark charlatans have spent the last seven years finishing off what was begun in earnest during your Great Depression. We have watched their shenanigans carefully and have used our abilities to curtail what they initially intended. The extent of their mischief-making seems to know no bounds, and these vile plots have kept us busy indeed. Every part of your world has been affected to some degree by their bizarre and sadistic activities, and as the insanity grew we discovered certain keys to their actions which allow us to reel in the effects of these insane stratagems. Our desire is to see them legally evicted from power as quickly as possible, and we are happy to report that a number of legal and financial strategies are about to come to a head. These actions, if done seamlessly, can allow an American coup d'etat to happen. This is something that your world now desperately needs. In anticipation of this, our personnel are placing themselves in much-needed back-up positions.

The current situation is thus quite critical. There are a variety of ways the present situation can play out. We have therefore stationed our operatives in positions which enable them to take immediate action if required. But this measure is merely precautionary. We have often found that things can backfire, and it is our job to anticipate such eventualities. To this end we use our technology to monitor the many pathways that frequently crisscross each other during the course of these complex maneuvers. This allows us to reposition our personnel at a moment's notice. We intend, as far as Heaven permits us the use of our capabilities, to assist our Earth allies in their noble causes. We know the difficulties they face in this undertaking, as the ways of the dark are mysterious and many. Our task is to decode these seemingly unknowable possibilities and reduce the chance of failure. So far this approach is working very well. We intend the final parts of this drama to go well for our Earth allies.

As we reach these next stages it is necessary to sound a note of caution because what we are dealing with is dark, slimy, and very survival-oriented. Such a fearsome beastie is not easy to subdue using what is primarily made available to us. Our desire is to expand upon the technical resources allowed us. We possess a potential far greater than the dark's, and this can be used when called upon. Our personnel do not usually intervene this deeply in such a primitive and barbaric realm. However, the special dispensations of Heaven give us options that seem nearly ready to be put to use. When this occurs we will not hesitate to do so. Your reality is in desperate need of change. This change for the better is done to free you from your current dark dungeon. Freedom and ensuring your divine sovereignty is a prerequisite for first contact. Those who now run this beautiful prison planet can no longer be allowed to limit your life. Your future is to be abundant, free, and sovereign. This is the promise that Heaven made to you long ago.

What we are doing is enabling you to fulfill Heaven's great promise. The time has come for you to arise from the mental and emotional shackles that now bind you. A whole new world for you to live in is being born, and this new habitat is beautiful beyond belief. The coming events are merely the last acts in a drama that has lasted for nearly 13 millennia. During this time you and your ancestors witnessed ceaseless cruelty, experienced crushing servitude, and lived an endless string of broken dreams. This is ending! Your world is going through the proverbial darkest hour before the dawn. Our Earth allies and their many companions are working out the final steps of a means to release you and rid this world of the dark ones who have lived off you for far too long. We bless them for their part in this drama and ask that Heaven and her many aspects take them into their healing hands and redeem them. The divine grace of the Creator is boundless! It is time for the cabal to let go and proclaim this a new day.

The peoples of inner Earth look forward to your return. It is time for all divisions on this planet to end and for a unified realm to be manifested. All the many parts need to come together now. It is time to go beyond the pettiness of this world and see the grandness that lies before you. This last period is the end times. It is a time to put away the strange perceptions that have colored the way you view each other and this grand universe that stretches endlessly around you. A new awareness is seeping into you and showing you the great folly of this present limited reality. The events that are coming are not just about the abundance or the regime changes; they are about your return to full consciousness. They are about your liberation and the start of a life that beckons with Love, Light, and Galactic society!

Your world is ready to cast off the growing chaos and lunacy that now engulf it and is set to accept something entirely different. This difference concerns the lessons that you are learning and the solutions that currently dance about in your mind. Your world has encountered the omega point: a moment when you see this reality's potential and reach for it. In doing this, you transform a reality and all in it. This is the wonder of what is occurring now. Great change happens in many strange and sometimes bizarre ways, and the present instance leans toward the latter. Hence, you need the Will to let go and permit the flow of the divine plan to take over and guide you. This sacred energy can lead you swiftly to your destiny and, with it, a chance to grow into who you are truly meant to be.

First contact is contained within all of this. It is one of the divine elements that is to forge your new whole. It is a vast undertaking and Heaven has orchestrated a most complex composition. These sacred notes are a special song that heralds the birthing of a new realm. It is the promise that the Ascended Masters proclaimed after the sacred decrees of Aeon were manifested. This holy manifestation is now entering physicality. Her great energy is sending out the waves of blessing that are to transform this and endless other realities. Hark! Awaken to the power of Love and the unending potential of the Light! This world feels comfort and grace in this Light. This world is transformed and reformed in this glorious Love! All of Heaven rejoices. Be open to accept this, and be able to see the landings and feel the joy within you!

Today, we reviewed what is happening and its true, ultimate implications. Be ready to accept and Love what is to change. Be ready to bless what is to be no more. We come to bring you to your wondrous new reality. Embrace the change and proclaim in your heart this new, quiet revolution! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)


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