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From Matthew, through his mother, Suzy Ward

March 12, 2011

Earthquake, tsunami in Japan; collective consciousness shifts; challenges ahead; transitioning souls, personalized care; ascension pace accelerated; intrinsic values vs trivial interests; fabricated image of US; mental, emotional illness; a better world for children

1.  With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. The earthquake off the coast of Japan, strategically positioned to cause the tsunami, was not Mother Nature’s doing.  Her only involvement was the unavoidable initial movements of land and water after Illuminati scientists triggered the quake. Our space family was able to thwart their goal to level cities, flood the island and kill most of its inhabitants; however, harnessing the full force of the ocean is beyond the capability of their technology. Mother Nature isn’t causing the suspicious number of aftershocks, either, and it should be obvious to your seismologists and geologists that something is horribly awry.  

2.  The peak members of the Illuminati know that their economic empire is shattered, and before the last shreds of their once impenetrable global network are completely gone, they are trying to generate a mass of negativity through creating chaos, destruction and high death toll wherever they can. For all the devastation in the ocean’s path and the damaged nuclear power facility, compared to the Illuminati’s intent to utterly destroy Japan, it was a shallow win for them. There was minimal damage in Tokyo; the quake, aftershocks and tsunami released a large amount of negativity on the planet; off-planet technology is lessening the effects of radiation from the power station; and other civilizations are beaming intense light, adding to the outpouring of prayers for the Japanese people, whose resilience and resourcefulness and the assistance of other countries will restore that nation.   

3.  With the light continuing to intensify, the Illuminati’s unconscionable acts cannot much longer plague Earth. Just as you and we are seeing the undeniable evidence of massive shifts in the collective consciousness, so are they, and they know that this will end all darkness on the planet. The light in expanded consciousness has led long-oppressed peoples to raise their voices for freedom, and that cry will be echoed over and again until all peoples throughout your world are free.

4.  Eventually hard-won victories will come in Libya, other countries in the Middle East and nations in Southeast Asia and Africa. In countries where political groups with different ideologies oppose each other without violence, extremist positions will give way to unified administrations that serve the needs of the masses rather than the greed of the elite. However, it would be folly to expect swift capitulation by tyrannical rulers or completely smooth transitions as the settling in of new national leaders will be amidst varying degrees of unrest and at different paces.  

5.  Sorrow and hardships will befall the families whose beloved members pay with their lives for reformed governance or who were caught in the line of fire.  We devoutly wish that all could know that every person who leaves this lifetime by either original or amended soul contract is thriving in Earth’s spirit world.  Please join lighted beings throughout the universe in sending forth prayers for the highest good of all.  

6.  I believe this is an appropriate place to answer a reader’s question, Does the soul vacate the body without fear?  There is not an iota of fear connected with the soul and the etheric body leaving the physical body, but the psyche is another matter entirely. While the soul is liberated, so to say, the psyche of the person—as well as the beliefs, characteristics and memories—arrive in Nirvana exactly as they are at the moment the body dies.  If someone has experienced a fearful lifetime or the dying process was in fearful circumstances, that fear is ingrained in the psyche. Those persons arrive at special portals where specially trained transition teams boost the etheric body’s strength and take the person to a tranquil place where constant attention and customized treatment are given. 

7.  Mother, please copy the book section where I described this exceptional healing process using the example of a soldier who died in combat.  The same tender care would be given to all persons who died in fear of the earthquake or the tsunami—knowing this could give a measure of comfort to all who love them and are mourning their loss.

[Excerpt from the chapter “Transitioning Souls” in Matthew, Tell Me about Heaven.] 

     I'll give you an actual example of how we treat a traumatized arrival.  You are seeing a wounded soldier in combat uniform sitting on a cot, in heat-of-battle anger, fear and fighting forcefulness, and someone who is gently trying to soothe him.  Just as in the image I'm sending, the soldier's body appears here to be solid, like Earth flesh, and the cot also appears to be solid. That is an illusion we manifest because it is necessary at this stage of his acclimation to this realm. 

     Soldiers in combat have to balance the reality of death with a sense of their own invincibility so they can focus on survival. This difficult psychic maneuvering, plus the shock of battle and the horror of being surrounded by dead comrades and the screams of the wounded, has put this man in an extremely agitated state.  It's necessary to let him realize that this is a change from his last Earth surroundings, which we do by easing the battlefield conditions in which he had been living and dying.  Little by little his last memories are eliminated by that gradual removal of the scene around him until he is able to accept that he has left his Earth body and has entered this new life. The transition must be slow and realistic to him or his psyche will be shocked into a state where healing is a major repair.  Not that the assistance already needed and being rendered isn't of major significance, but I am speaking relatively.

     Matthew, it would seem that realism for that soldier would mean having acres of fighting around him. Can he see his dead comrades if they're receiving the same kind of treatment nearby?  Well, since you've said every soul arrives separately, I suppose he's alone with his medical attendant in a battlefield atmosphere.

     No, Mother, he's not the only soldier there. I just sent you a close-up image so you could clearly see the solidity of his body and the cot.  Yes, he can see some of his "dead" comrades nearby, and that is at once helpful and a hindrance because of possible confusion, as other men he just as recently had seen are not there.  Grouping these men at this stage is not in conflict with our treating each arrival individually in accordance with specific healing needs.  To avoid further psychic damage, it is essential that their dying environment be portrayed accurately, and their comrades' presence is part of this realism. 

     This group of men who were killed almost simultaneously numbers about ten, with varying attitudes regarding death and Heaven. They arrived at stations where their soul level energy permitted and their psychic adjustment can best be served, the initial stage of which you just were viewing.  Each in the group has his own energy attunement to follow from this point forward.  Some of these men may be quite advanced in soul evolution and very soon be aware of their entry into the spirit realm.  We have seen newly arrived soldiers with such advanced evolvement that they knew instantly where they were and quickly helped others nearby accept their transition. Others in this group may have very serious review ahead.

     As for the image you saw, yes, it was only a small portion of a reenacted battle environment, minus the deafening sounds and the gore of Earth reality.  However, "acres of battle" would not have been an accurate image to send you because we don't see that, either. What we see is more like flash scenes in a movie, where viewers have a glimpse of one character and his situation, then another character and his, and so on.  Even though a little time is spent developing each vignette, viewers are meant to understand that all of the developments are happening simultaneously. 

     We see glimpses of individual souls in varying stages of comprehension and needs for transition assistance.  We're led to the place where we need to be by the energy connection that is established. I know you're wondering how the differentiation can be achieved in that chaos, and I don't know how to explain this to you, Mother, but I can assure you that it works to perfection.

     As I've mentioned before, our primary healing mechanism is vibrations, which is why music is so essential.  Healthy individuals here have a vibratory rate between two definite points, allowing for some variation corresponding to rising or falling enthusiasm, excitement, or whatever emotion causes a rate change.  Since we have no fearful or angering circumstances to deal with, a rise from the normal rate is only for positive reasons.  Arrivals have a much different set of rates, which are geared to their belief systems throughout life on Earth and the circumstances of physical life and death.     


8.  Thank you, Mother. I wish to add something that isn’t in that excerpt, but is mentioned earlier in the chapter. Every person who makes transition is greeted by name and receives whatever individualized care may be necessary.  If they are quickly aware that they have returned to this realm, they’re greeted by family, friends and animals with whom they are bonded in love and are assisted in finding satisfying housing and settling in.  

9.  As I explained to my mother, I used the impersonal word “arrival” only to differentiate between souls who departed Earth lifetimes and the many others who come from spiritually advanced physical civilizations. Because Nirvana is well known for the customized care and healing of damaged psyches, some people come to rest and be rejuvenated after a series of traumatic lifetimes. Others come to teach advanced courses in the sciences, but most are here simply to visit. The higher levels of this world are widely known for their exquisite beauty and diversity, and it is a popular vacation spot for persons whose energy is compatible with those high vibrations.

10.  Although I haven’t been a resident for a dozen years or more, Nirvana still is my home, you could say. I return briefly between my calls to service, helping other civilizations in this part of the universe assess and upgrade their spirit havens that are their people’s equivalent of Earth’s Nirvana.

11.  Now then, for some time we and other messengers of the light have been alerting you to the tumultuous times ahead.  Now we say, they are here. Until recently Earth’s journey out of deep third density wasn’t at all apparent to the uninformed; now that she’s nearer to the doorway of fourth density, you are on the fast track to world transformation. The planet is accelerating its travels into the energy planes where interaction with other celestial bodies will assist in the rapid uprooting of negativity, and everything based in dark intent will be exposed. Through the end of this calendar year and well into the next, Earth’s energy field of potential will be rife with combative activity until the momentum of the light overcomes the last shred of darkness. 

12.  Because of all that commotion, it is not possible to determine exact timing of events that must and shall come to pass before the dawning of the Golden Age at the end of 2012. Especially the lightworker community, where the presence of our universal brothers and sisters is known, is eager to hear when those among you will introduce themselves and those above you will land. We don’t know when that will be because they themselves do not, and they are as eager as you for that day to come.  Do not doubt their vigilance and sound judgment as to the right timing, and until then, be assured that they are serving you in the same indispensable ways they have been for many decades.

13.  During these final stages of Earth’s journey to fourth density, stay steadfast in the light. You are innately prepared to handle the changes that will be difficult for those whose closed minds have kept them stuck in third density’s limited mentality and lack of spiritual clarity. Enlighten those who are searching for answers and are receptive, yet be mindful that it is each person’s choice to “see the light” and respond positively or not. 

14.  As we have said in previous messages, many will choose to leave this lifetime rather than accept the light that would enable physical survival and many others will leave in accordance with soul contract choices.  Neither they nor you will consciously know which circumstance pertains. Remembering that every soul is an inseparable part of the Oneness, rather than sadness because many will be departing, prayers for their highest good are the most beneficial for all souls.

15.  With everything in the universe in acceleration mode, it is time to separate the wheat from the chaff, so to say. Recognize what is worthy of your thoughts and attention and what is trivial and doesn’t deserve it. Embrace the intrinsic values in life and shed whatever is not serving you spiritually,such as pornographic “entertainment,” killing animals for sport or giving credence to rumors of dire happenings. Use your time, energy and other resources wisely. If you can physically or financially assist where help is greatly needed, do so; if that is not possible, support with positive thoughts the efforts of individuals and organizations working toward reforms in governments throughout the land and preservation of the environment.  

16.  The culture of acquiring more, bigger, newer certainly is not limited to people in the United States, but they are pummeled with advertisements and the implication that it is their responsibility to buy so as to get the economy moving. That cannot work for them or anyone else any longer. The collective consciousness is moving away from the illusion that monetary wealth, possessions and social status are measurements of success.  

17.  Just as the Acquisition Culture isn’t limited to the United States, neither are the Illuminati’s activities, as so recently proven in Japan. However, the US has been their base of international operations, which includes creating the perception that the United States is a kind of utopia—the strongest and richest country of all, the model of true democracy in accordance with voters’ wishes and with altruistic motives in intervening in the affairs of other nations. This not to say that the citizenry is complicit or that the government does no good for them or anyone else in the world; it is that the illusion of utopian life, rule by the people and for the people, and pure altruism is fading fast, as well it should.

18.  A few months ago Hatonn spoke with great passion about the powerful opposition President Obama is dealing with and the need for your supportive thoughts and prayers for him and his family.  Still, my mother is besieged with emails asking why the president is taking one action or another that maintains or worsens the very situations he was elected to remedy. The questioners, who may be attributing more authority to the office than the constitution does, are not recognizing that this government has long been the Illuminati’s bastion and their purpose in creating the misconception about the country. Their hold on many members of Congress still is strong, and only after that control ends will Obama be able to guide his administration toward national reforms and the peaceful world he is dedicated to achieving.  

19.  Meanwhile in that country, citizens and elected officials in some states are fighting changes that dilute or eliminate some employment benefits. This heated opposition exemplifies the duality that polarizes philosophical stances and those get played out in the political arena. This is not limited to the United States, of course—the duality affects all countries where there’s a semblance of civil governing and growing dissatisfaction among the governed. Thus, worldwide many profound changes and challenges are ahead.  

20.  We know your minds and hearts, therefore we know that one challenge for many enlightened individuals is developing discernment about all information, asking within for answers instead depending on external sources, and recognizing messages from the soul to consciousness. Always there is the choice to ignore those messages, but be aware that what comes as intuition, instinct, conscience and so forth is the soul’s method of keeping one on track with the provisions chosen in the pre-birth agreement. 

21.  Discernment is more than a mental exercise to determine information’s validity or lack of. The written word imparts energy, and your sensations much more than analysis can ascertain what is truth and what is falsehood. If the energy flows smoothly within you, the information is aligned with your soul’s knowingness; if you feel resistance, the opposite is so. Also, it is not necessary that messages from light sources be identical in terminology or details—the importance lies in the sameness of their essence.    

22.  Because there is no more time to waste in those respects of development and heeding, you will welcome knowing that in the higher vibrations Earth has reached in her ascension course, discernment is easier to master and intuition is stronger. We mention as well that if you can obtain monatomic gold, it will help to enhance your clarity.   

23.  Another indication of raised consciousness is differentiating between curiosity about mundane issues and seeking information that is important for spiritual growth. Furthermore, it is all right if the latter doesn’t produce answers to all your questions. If particular information is essential for your progress at the moment, it will come; if it is not, you will receive the answers when you need them. 

24.  Some of you are asking how to recognize physical symptoms of cellular changes and others want to know how to alleviate them. Since several previous messages have addressed this, I asked my mother to list dates of a few for so that readers who want to review that information can easily find it. [March 1, 2004; March 23, 2008; March 10, 2009; August 13, 2010.]

25.  As for mental and emotional illness, the cause may indeed be a karmic choice, but that is not necessarily true of the severity—the toxins that are polluting every aspect of your world are exacerbating all conditions in areas of bodies’ vulnerability. And yes, those kinds of illnesses, like all other diseases, will be gradually cured as Earth reaches higher, then higher vibrations in fourth density; however, journeying with her depends upon both the longevity clause in persons’ soul contracts and how closely their free will decisions have adhered to the contract.      

26.  The questions about “twin souls” show the confusion between “soulmates” and “twin flames.” Mother, please insert the date of the message wherein the difference is explained. [March 4, 2007]

Thank you. 


27.  Would it be true that all accomplishments originate first outside of Earth and the geniuses and prodigies we credit for their marvels have intuition or ability to communicate with the souls who originated the advanced ideas?   That’s close, but not exactly the way it happens. Although everything known on Earth already is in the universal mind, the accomplishments of geniuses and prodigies don’t come automatically by tapping into that information. First, when those souls are in Nirvana and choose their next lifetimes, they select parents for genetic inheritance and other reasons such locations where their minds and talents can be developed, sufficient financial means for education, and supportiveness in their pursuits. Once embodied, your foremost scientists, for example, receive ideas as well as knowledge to develop them via a filtering process from scientists in advanced civilizations.  However, music comes from the soul, and that powerful inner creating force motivates these uniquely talented individuals to overcome all obstacles so they can express their art. 


28.  If humans didn’t kill sick wild animals or thin herds, would Mother Nature handle illness and overpopulation?  If humans didn’t interfere with Mother Nature in any respect whatsoever, everything in your world would be in harmony and balance as it once was—and shall be again!


29.  Please tell me how to help make the world a better place for my grandkids I’m helping to raise. Your very desire to help is helping by generating light, and you can do much more too. Visualize Earth in golden light as brilliant as the sun, then “see” your grandchildren in settings suitable for their ages and interests. It may be a schoolroom where they show their eagerness to learn or a sports field where they are happily at play with their peers. Or maybe running through a meadow abloom with wildflowers or swimming in pure waters or practicing music lessons or caring for a pet. See them glowing with health and joy wherever they are. 


30.  Talk with them about your spiritual beliefs and knowledge at levels appropriate for their ages. By example, instill in them compassion and honesty, generosity, kindness and respect for animals and for Earth herself. Encourage them to think independently, make wise decisions, look at a situation from others’ perspectives, be of good humor and sensitive to others’ needs.  Above all, let them feel secure in your love.  


31.  Those suggestions may seem simplistic, no more than any nurturing person would do for a child, and you may be doing all of that and more.  If so, you are helping beyond measure to make the world a better place for everyone!   


Once again we say farewell in message form only, as eternally we are with you in love.





Suzanne Ward

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