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A Light on my Path

Chapter 6

Awaken, Heal, Unify

Every Day the Veil Is Thinning
Today is a historic time.  By today, I do not mean this date; I mean this week/month/moment. You are involved in a project that has been unfolding for millions of years. Many have asked:  "But we are just a small planet out here in the Milky Way Galaxy.  What makes us so special that the whole Universe is paying attention?"  This is a good question.  It is true we are a small part of the whole in terms of size, but this is not an important measure in Cosmic terms.  I will tell you why.
All the Multiverse is connected.  All is One, therefore anything that happens anywhere - in any dimension, along any timeline - has a ripple effect on all other beings and events, changes the trajectory of a timeline for other beings and planets as well.  We are so interconnected that a decision made on Venus or a collective choice made on Arcturus, all have an effect on Earth.   The reason Earth is so important at this moment, on this timeline is many-fold.  I will give you an idea of some of the important variables.

As a Galactic species, Earth-dwelling humans are known for their combination of mind and emotion, which gives great power to their ability to create.  You are learning about manifesting what you want, and the application of the Universal Law that nothing can be created or destroyed, but can only be transmuted.  You, as the I AM Presence, God, have the power to change everything you touch, everything you think about, with the power of your minds, as God has.  You have been like toddlers playing with fire - you have had no idea of the effect of your actions on your planet, and you have had little or no understanding of the impact on conscious beings around you.
The Veil of Forgetfullness, which has kept you from seeing your personal past, your planetary history and your place in the Universe, is lifting now for many of you, as it will eventually for all of you.  You are beginning to notice that your knowledge of the world around you is expanding; you may feel yourselves becoming more telepathic, more aware in every way.  This is helping you to restore your connections to yourself as the sacred being you are, to your Higher Self, and to Us.  Yes, you are sacred beings because you were created by God.  Everyone around you is sacred too.  Your planet, your flora and fauna, even the rocks and soil under your feet - all are sacred forms of Life, a part of the whole formed by the Godhead.

You are the creation made in the image of our Mother Father God, as the ancient teachings tell you. This is not a whimsical description.  It is Truth.  The sum total of all beings on Earth is God; every part of that whole is God.  I am God, and so are you.  It has been decreed throughout the millennia that you would one day rise to fulfill this promise of creative power in Love and Light, for that is God.  You have been tested intensively because the training to become a God-in-action is a serious responsibility.  This is why the Earth Project was originally designed.  It was to be the proving ground for souls.

Your Purpose Is to Learn to Co-Create
Nothing is more important in the training of a soul than to learn to fully accept and acknowledge the power of one's ability to create and to be in full command of that power. There must be no lapses, no forgetfulness, no denial of the nature of that power to uplift or destroy in the blink of an eye.  This lesson is indeed a challenging one.  It takes thousands of lifetimes to truly absorb the deeper meaning of how your actions are felt by others.  This has been your path, to learn, to experience all kinds of lifetimes, and to internalize the Truth of your nature and your responsibility to use your power judiciously and only for the Greater Good.

You will know if you are well prepared for the higher dimensions when you carefully examine your response to the words you are reading here.  Are you disbelieving?  Are you scoffing at the idea that you have great power, listing in your mind all the seeming evidence of your own powerlessness and helplessness to have an impact on your own life?  You are showing yourself, Beloved One, that you have not learned the lesson of One.  You are not seeing, therefore you cannot see the evidence that is before you.
The remedy to this common ailment, human blindness, is to breathe in the air of Source, feel your own Life Force coursing through your veins, and shake off the fogginess of illusion and delusion.  It is time for you to awaken your heart, for it is the source of Wisdom, Vision and Truth.  

You have been trained to think only with your brains, even to ignore the voice of your heart in favor of playing with ideas inside your skull.  This is blindness.  Those ideas inside your brain were put there by someone in your environment, your culture, your religion or your family. Many were put there by the cabal to control and enslave you.  They are not your own thoughts and ideas, yet you hold them to be true and even precious.  At this time in your development, and given that you have these new lessons to help you make this transition, it is willful blindness to rely on your brain to guide your life decisions.
Look inward, Dear Ones, to activate and energize the Source within you.  These bodies you have been given for this journey are the expression in the flesh of God's wisdom, compassion and Love. You do feel pain.  It is the corrective response that stops you in your tracks to alert you that you must protect your sacred self.  You feel great joy, exhilaration and fulfillment when you move into the Light.  You are capable of great Love, and when you allow that blessed emotion to guide your every moment, you will feel the bliss of being One with me and with our Creator.  No external difficulty or challenge can break that bond, once you have taken it as your own.
You have free will.  You can turn your back on the dawning wonder of Ascension.  You can clutch your belongings and the ideas and concepts you were taught, holding onto the past because it is supposedly all you know.  Yes, in your brain, it may be all you know, but in your body, in your heart, in the chakras making up your complex system of responses to this lifetime, you carry the wisdom of the Ages.  Open your mind (the eternal Knowing which transcends this present brain), and allow the flow of Light and Love to wash over you.  The Source of All That Is is Love. You only need to allow yourself to open to it, and it will sooth and heal your sore heart and mend the body that has been so damaged by the toxins of a life steeped in darkness.

Healing Is Always a Shared Experience
Many of you are aware of the healing sessions we have asked our family on the ground, the Lightworkers, to conduct across the globe in private sessions, at retreats and through the internet. Many have come to be healed, and many more have volunteered to join in the offering of healing energy for their brothers and sisters.  Look, Beloved Ones.  You will see that together, day by day we are proving "the power of intention."  If your intention is to heal and be healed, it will be done.  In the process, you have proven to the doubters that humankind is indeed a generous and caring race.
Whenever anyone anywhere is engaged in healing, although the focus is on whoever is inviting and accepting the healing, the healing energies impact everyone.  As a person is healed, it literally paves the way for others to be healed as well.  Your healing is dependent on you in that it is your solemn invitation to be healed that causes your transformation, in accordance with your willingness to activate and receive the healing.  In this way, the healers as well as those being healed are restored across Earth in a momentous and lasting up swell.

Together we change the world, one healing at a time.  We are demonstrating that there is really no such thing as an isolated healing experience because as each healing takes place, the "sickness" that the individual has carried loses its power, and others learn to shake off the ideas and feelings that served to feed and maintain the illness they have been carrying.

The Skilled and Beloved Arcturian Healers
The Arcturians, for those who are not familiar with this name, are a highly evolved and extremely skilled group of beings from the planet Arcturus who have studied humankind closely. The Arcturians have been fascinated with the heart/mind/soul/body organization in this species of humans, and they have worked hard to understand the complex interactions between emotion and thinking.  They have developed very advanced and effective technologies to eliminate disease and to balance all the systems of the body.  
The Arcturians are completely dedicated to their work, and they give themselves wholeheartedly in service.  We work in cooperation with them, directing the healing energies of Love and Light to increase the healing and to seal it in place.  Each one who receives a healing or who witnesses it being done will feel the powerful effect of our combined energies on all the systems of the body.

Every person incarnated upon Earth, including you, has a healing team that is with them the entire time they are alive.  This specialty team of advanced and loving beings helps you in the preparation for your life plan and stays with you from birth, until you have successfully completed your life review when you return to the higher dimensions.  Your healing team is comprised of:  Galactic Federation of Light (The Great White Brotherhood) specialists, Arcturian healers, members of your Galactic and soul family and your Body Elemental.  Your Body Elemental is a being of tremendous Light, who remains with you throughout all of your Earth incarnations.  Your Body Elemental is freed from this tremendous service once you ascend.  Your beloved Twin Flame, also known as your Twin Soul, participates closely in your on-going healing as well.

Ultimately, You Cure Yourself
Our numbers are growing.  As each person joins the worldwide group of those involved in healing, the power of One increases, giving us access to an increasing flow of Light, which we then focus to activate even more healing.  A large part of this process is to stimulate and Awaken the powerful human immune system, which has been asleep and suppressed by the owners of the bodies who are entirely unaware of their own abilities to heal themselves. This, of course, has been a part of the control mechanism of the Dark Hats.  The medical establishment has unwittingly played into this by encouraging people to think they are at the mercy of illness and disease and need a professional to do something external to "cure" them.

We have emphasized that no one can cure you but yourself.  We can guide, support and focus the energy needed to change your body from disease to health, but without the conscious awareness and cooperation of the one being healed, it will not "take."  You can restore the feelings of sickness and helplessness and can defeat the healing process if you are not aware of this tendency in yourself to slide back into a state of darkness.  
Healing at this time requires that you raise your vibration into the 5th dimension. Ascended Masters, Gods and Goddesses, Angels and Enlightened Beings of all kinds do not get sick because they are vibrating at a level that does not allow for any foreign influence to enter the Lightbody.  You can do the same.

Join the Healing Crusade of Earth
You know me as the one who went out among the people to heal.  I am that same person, the one you knew as Jesus.  I am now able to teach the healing principles - which made my healing efforts so effective in my days on Earth - through the wide reach of the internet and through the unified efforts of healers and channels worldwide.  I invite all to join us in this historic process.  Our intention is to heal all of humankind, immediately.

The energies have risen on the planet to allow a higher level of conscious awareness and a complete communication through the Golden Christed Crystalline Grid around the planet which now connects us all.  There is no limit to the number of people who can join with us in this tsunami of healing that is also being rightfully called the Tsunami of Love.  You may join us, through your thoughts, actions words, imaginings, deeds and intentions, and you can carry the knowledge presented here to every corner of the planet.

Do Not Alter Our Words
Translations of these written messages are now being done in most of the major languages of the world.  I only ask that all translators ask for my individual approval.  I will work with each translator I have personally approved to insure the accuracy of meaning and intent of each message.  

Now, this brings me to the question of false divisions that are created and maintained by the rigid practice of dogma as it is passed down by individuals over the ages.  Truthful teachings have often been misinterpreted and changed, in order to obscure the wisdom of the Enlightened Ones whose words were originally intended to illuminate and expand the hearts and minds of their followers. This is the difficulty we have always seen in giving written teachings to humankind.  Words that were intended to uplift in a given situation, in a given time and place become, over time, hardened into a set of rules meant to suffocate and oppress.

The example of the teachings of Mohammed, the great prophet, are another example of this tendency. His words have been taken as permanent Law.  This was not his intention.  In his Earth incarnation, he had no idea of the power his words would carry centuries later.  Every nuance, every suggestion has been taken as "the Final Word."  This was not the spirit of his work here.
Mohammed came to Earth at a time and place of terrible oppression and abuse.  It was his wish to begin to free his followers from the stifling practices of his time.  Chief among these were the abuse of women and the lack of attention to spiritual practice.  It was not his intention to institutionalize practices that would denigrate or disenfranchise women. In his day, the idea that women could have at least half the value of men in legal terms was a tremendous leap, but it was not intended to be the end of progress.  By freezing his teachings in time, the dark ones have used his words to oppress and destroy, as have many of the Christian teachings about the Devil and sin.

Mohammed was the human incarnation of my beloved brother, the Master Lord El Morya.  His incarnation was fully overlighted by me and by others of the Legions of Light.  Like me, he did not see himself as the exclusive Messenger of God, and he did not wish to be worshiped.  He is as dismayed as I was to see his words used to foment hatred, divisiveness and war, against the followers of his brother Jesus and others.  We are One in our wish to bring change, to open hearts and minds to the New Scriptures, which are the work of All channeled through my voice to the entire world.  
My dear brother Mohammed is here working with me, and he too approves the message of Love and Light we present to you now. We are delighted that, because of your steadfast efforts to raise yourselves in the Light, we have finally arrived at the time in our journey where many details of your history are to be revealed.  The true identity of our beloved Mohammed was the Master El Morya. It is now the appropriate time to reveal that El Morya is Ashtar.   

The great success of Mohammed/Ashtar's teachings was his ability to refocus the attention of the people to include spiritual practices into their daily lives.  The institution of the ritual of prayer five times a day broke the materialistic, self-centered focus of the people of the time and helped to raise their consciousness in preparation for the events we are experiencing now.  Muslims, who fully understand the expansiveness and the message of Love Mohammed intended to express, will find no conflict in the words you read here. The same is true for all Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Confucian and Pagan followers.  We, who are at One with the GodHead, are One in our hearts as well.  We all wish the same thing:  the successful and glorious Ascension of humankind, together.
As you can see, if you have read these messages with care and awareness, we are not specifying any particular rules, practices or customs (religion) to reach the intended goal of Ascension.  The era for those time-specific and culture-specific practices is past.

We are now a global community, and we need an open and inclusive approach to lifting our vibration to achieve the goal of peace for every being on Earth, regardless of what religious affiliation they may have adopted, or even what species they may be.  All are welcome.  All are included.  There are no exceptions; there are no exclusions.  All souls must be enfolded into the family of One, as the sacred Beings they are.
I send you Love and Light, the adoration of your Creators, and the hope of all the Masters in Heaven when I say to you:  Awaken Dear Ones, and take your places as the Creator Race, the promise of all Goodness in the image of your Creator, our Mother Father God.
I am Sananda, the one you knew as Jesus.
Channeled originally by Kathryn, 2015 revisions channeled through Christine, New York, 21 July 2015




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