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With Comments by Nancy Detweiler


Quotes from Gregg Braden's new book:


"Only five generations in the last 26,000 years have experienced the shift of world ages. We will be the sixth.... Our present world cycle will conclude with the winter solstice that takes place on December 21, 2012.... The last humans to witness the shift from one world age to the next lived in the year 3114 B.C., approximately 1,800 years before the times of Moses and the biblical Exodus.... Those who experienced the end of the last world age worked hard to make sure we know precisely what it means to do so. We find the fruits of their labor preserved for us today in their temples, texts, traditions, and cultures.... "

"By marrying the 20th century discoveries of fractal time with the 2,000-year-old Mayan messages of cycles and the ancient knowledge of nature's special template for life and balance--the 'golden ratio'--we gain a powerful understanding of time as a force and us as explorers of that force, riding time waves through an ocean of never-ending cycles...."

"The key to 2012 and our time in history is understanding the language of nature's cycles and using that language today to prepare for the future. Ultimately we may discover that our ability to understand and apply the 'rules' of FRACTAL TIME holds the key to our deepest healing, our greatest joy, and our survival as a species.”

“FRACTAL TIME is written with one purpose in mind: to read the map of the past and apply what we learn as we approach 2012 and the world beyond. In doing so, we give meaning to the past while unlocking the code of life's possibilities in the future--both opportunities that generations to come will have to wait another 26.000 years to see again."
----Gregg Braden, Taos, New Mexico - 2009


The writer of the biblical book of Ecclesiastes knew what present Earth humans had to wait to learn for the RE-manifestation of computers on this physical plane: "To everything there is a season.... That which is now, already has been; and that which is to be, has already been." Eccles 3:1, 15

Only 3 1/2 years left in the present world age ... on 12/21/2012, planet Earth enters a new world cycle. The choices we make today determine our future world age. Will it be one of continued violence, wars, greed, and separation into iron-clad ideologies ... OR ... WILL WE WORK TOGETHER TO CREATE A NEW WORLD AGE OF PEACE AND FAMILIAL LOVE?

If we choose to work together, then we must rise above all that separates us into particular ideologies, issues, races, ethnic groups, political parties, economic classes ... on and on. We must work together with the higher goal of creating an Earth Culture characterized by love for all peoples and the determination to see that all peoples live in plenty, peace, and personal fulfillment. We must begin to think in terms of being one of many planetary cultures within our Milky Way Galaxy and throughout the cosmos. We are an integral Part of Creator God's Whole!


Quoting from Gregg Braden's FRACTAL TIME: THE SECRET OF 2012 & A NEW WORLD AGE

"The Hebrew Torah - one of the stablest documents in human history. A comparison of today's Torah with the oldest known versions shows that it has not undergone the edits and revisions of other sections of the Bible. In fact, only about 23 letters have changed in 1,000 years."

"It is within the Torah, and ONLY THE TORAH, that Israeli mathematician Eliyahu Rips, Ph. D., discovered 'the Bible Code,' which has been reviewed and validated by scientists in leading universities worldwide, as well as technical agencies that specialize in encryption decoding, such as the U.S. Department of Defense. The Bible Code described the specifics of the event [Rabin's assassination] and did so with such accuracy that there could be no doubt as to what was being revealed."

The prime minister's name, Rabin, has been spelled out, along with the date of the assassination, the name of the city it would occur within, and even the assassin's name: Amir."

"An 18th century scholar known as the Genius of Vilna once stated: 'The rule is that all that was, is, and will be unto the end of time is included in the Torah, from the first word to the last word. And not merely in a general sense, but as to the details of everything that happened to him from the day of his birth until the end.'

Mathematicians study the Torah's encrypted messages of time, past and future, by creating a matrix from the letters of the Bible's first five books.... Using sophisticated search programs, the matrix of letters is examined for patterns and intersecting words.... With the development of high-speed computers, the extent of the Bible Code was finally recognized.... Vertically, horizontally, and diagonally, the names of countries, events, dates, times, and people intersect with one another in a way that sets the Bible [meaning the Torah] apart from any other text, giving us a snapshot into the events of our past and a window into our future."

"In light of its accuracy for events ranging from World War II, the Shoemaker-Levy comet impact with Jupiter, the Scud missiles discovered during the first Gulf War in Iraq, and the Kennedy assassination, how reliable can this ancient matrix be when peering into the years to come?"

"In answer to this question, Dr. Rips suggests that the entire Bible Code had to be written all at once, as a single act, rather than developing over time. The implication of such a statement is mind-boggling. It means that when the Torah was transcribed, all possibilities and all possible futures already existed and were already in place. 'We experience it like we experience a hologram,' he suggests. 'It looks different when we look at it from a new angle--but the image, of course, is pre-recorded.' The key to applying this ancient Time Code to future events may lie in thinking of it through the eyes of what we now know about cycles of time."


As quantum physics has revealed: all the probabilities are present in our world today. It is you and I who hold the key to our future. Will we choose war or peace? ... To love or hate? ... Ignorance or an ever-unfolding knowledge of Truth? ... To remain separated by our ideologies or to come together in cooperative efforts to transform our world? ... To ignore the fact that our galactic family is present with us or to welcome them and their advanced galactic culture of love and peace?

The choice is ours and we will live with the consequences of our choice!

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More Quotes from Gregg Braden's FRACTAL TIME: The Secret of 2012 & A New World Age



"We're living the completion of a 5,125 year long cycle of time--a world age--that the ancient Maya calculated would end with the winter solstice on December 21, 2012."

"The position of the earth within our galaxy creates powerful changes that signal the end of one world age and the beginning of the next. The knowledge of these cyclic changes is known as the doctrine of World Ages."

"The present world age began on August 11, 3114 B.C. Its end is signaled by the rare alignment of our solar system with the core of the Milky Way galaxy on December 21, 2012--an event that last occurred approximately 26,000 years ago."

"The changes happening now are just what we'd expect for the end of a world age."

"The results are conclusive: Heart-based [the heart is the center of Unconditional Love] focus and heart-based living will have a direct effect upon the way we experience 2012 and our time of change."

"Just as the human stress experienced by a natural disaster can create an incoherent global stress wave, a positive emotional wave could create a global coherence wave. This perspective is supported by the research at HeartMath, as well as other endeavors such as Princeton University's decade-long Global Consciousness Project. The consistent data from Princeton have provided compelling evidence that mass human emotion creates global effects that can be documented through the activity of electronic devices."

"Faced with the greatest number and magnitude of potentially world-ending challenges in 5, 125 years of human history, we now discover that the key to our transition lies in our collective feelings about the change."

"The way to ease the 2012 world-age transition is to change the way we feel about the world and to do so together.... For the first time, we have the ability, the reason, and the technology to transcend the ideas that have separated us in the past and to work together to inspire millions of people to participate in a pivotal moment of change. At the very least, the project [Global Coherence Initiative] holds the blueprint to transcend the traditional boundaries of geography, culture, religion, and belief to unify a global community around a new way of living: the heart-based choices that promote global coherence."

"December 21, 2012 is a rare and powerful window of opportunity for our collective emergence into our greatest potential."

"As we witness the chaos that accompanies the perfect alignment with our galaxy's core, are we ready to receive the greatest gift of all: the inner change that comes from responding to life's challenges with the cooperation and nurturing of a heart-based way of living?"

"We've already answered these questions in our hearts. Now is the time for us to live what we've chosen as we emerge from the mystery of 2012 into a new world age. The stage is set. The choice is ours. The cosmos is waiting."

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Our Choice & 2012

Nancy Detweiler



Gregg Braden's book FRACTAL TIME offers an alternative to the movie series being aired on ABC on Sunday night, entitled IMPACT. We can face the end of the world age with unconditional love for all ... OR ... fear deliberately engendered by the movie as a tool of those who rule by fear. Our government cannot save us. It is we, ourselves, who can love our way into a peaceful new world age. In order to love our way, we must rise above all that separates us.

Religion and politics are ideologies that deeply separate. Life now and in the New World Age is NOT about Christians, Jews, and Muslims. It is about unconditional love for our fellow human beings. Life now and in the New World Age is NOT about Democrat and Republican. It is about what is best for all human beings.

We have been deliberately segmented by those who desire to enslave us in service to the powerful elite, be they found within the religious, political, or economic communities. It is time for us to wake up and rise above these artificial divisions. When you are right and I am wrong, we are blocking the freedom to search together for Truth ... to live together in Unconditional Love.

This New World Age is our opportunity to ascend to a higher dimension and leave behind the plane of duality on which we presently live. The higher dimension recognizes that ALL IS ONE ... separation is dissolved as the illusion it is on the plane of duality. WE ALL CONSCIOUSLY LIVE AND MOVE AND HAVE OUR BEING WITHIN THE ONE GOD--THE LOVE ENERGY THAT PERMEATES EVERY INCH OF CREATION. THERE IS NOWHERE WHERE GOD, LOVE, IS NOT.

This is a radical message. We cannot love and support war. We cannot love and support the demeaning of another human being. We cannot love and allow deprivation to exist for even one human being. We cannot love and react to our world through the lens of artificial divisions that have separated us for thousands of years. Unconditional Love--Divine Love--is Absolute.

How do we achieve this Unconditional Love for all of humanity? By lifting and fixing our conscious awareness on the I AM within each of us. Meditating on our Divine Self Illustration reminds us: Instead of viewing life through the physical eyes, view life through the spiritual eye--the Third Eye--the eye of our I AM PRESENCE. Then, we will perceive the Oneness of All. Then, we will live within the Unconditional Love of Oneness.


The Divine Self



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